Civilian Irregular Counterpropagandists Pushing Back

I know this thanks to Mrs. Greyhawk, one of the IO Warlords whose gravitational pull often captures me.

Never heard of Jim Wrenn before today, but he’s an outstanding counterpropagandist:

You know that in every war, propaganda plays a vital role in enhancing or diminishing the motivation of each side to continue, escalate, de-escalate or abandon the struggle. Although you know that with respect to most wars throughout human history, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to seriously contend that one side was totally “right” and the other side totally “wrong.” But you also know that in some wars, one side’s goals fit the definition of a perfect evil even though the other side’s goals may be only an imperfect “good.”

You know that “propaganda” is argumentative rather than “objective” or “neutral,” but you also know– as did Churchill and Roosevelt in World War II– that in a world in which lies are propagated to disguise, spread and support evil goals, the truth cannot survive through passivity but must instead be supported by truthful arguments (i.e., truthful propaganda). You know also that today the opportunities for descriptions of wholly aberrational “wrongs” committed on the side of “right” to be propagandistically disseminated throughout the world in a manner falsely portraying a tiny “truth” as though it were a broader truth are exponentially greater today than was the case during World War II.

Give ’em Hell, Bashman!



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