Slimed Battle Space

Back when I owed obedience to a peanut farmer and tanks had piston engines, a class of butter bars and I spent the night in a foggy valley with our protective masks on, because the OPFOR had set off smoke pots with CS grenades in them and the noxious cloud was caught by the fog and wouldn’t dissipate.  I had forgotten my optical inserts and was not enjoying my training, so after a few hours I took my mask off.  I choked and cried and hacked and coughed and put my mask back on.  The lesson I learned from that experience didn’t sink in, so I repeated the experiment.  Some time around 0300 I put my mask up.  I had accustomed myself to the CS. 

I left my mask, web gear and steel pot on the TC hatch and went for a walk around the battle position.  Nobody moving.  Most tanks buttoned up.  Those few heads that were out of the hatches were down.  Nobody had declared all clear.  I had declared it for myself and I was the only dismount around.  I could see and hear normally.  I walked down the road in the dark, very faintly illuminated by the sliver moon on the other side of the fog and smoke and CS above me.  I heard somebody crunching up the gravel trail towards me.  I stopped.  He nearly walked into me.  It was my Tank Crew Instructor, coming back to work in time for Stand To.  “All Clear?” he asked, voice garbled by his gas mask.  He had an infantry mask because he rode on a chair strapped to the loader’s hatch and there was no hose hook up for him.  I just nodded my head and grinned.

The CS was still there. I was used to it.  He was not.  I was consigned to the Gunner’s seat for the rest of the exercise.

The center of gravity in the Long War/GWOT/Third Great Jihad/Twelfth Crusade is the area between the ears of the American voter.  That battle space was slimed by the Soviets and clumps of it are still being kicked up and their ideological descendants are re-weaponizing it.  Whoever would attempt to change people’s minds must acknowledge that some of the minds are totally beyond change.  These minds are impervious to rational discourse.  We waste our time trying to bring them over to our side.  They cannot bear the effects of the CS and they will not endure the suffering it takes to get used to it.  They will put their masks back on and view the same world those of us who have declared “All Clear” inhabit as a completely different place.

Civilian Irregular Auxiliary Psychological Operators can overtly oppose and openly counter BDS-afflicted moonbats using techniques  unacceptable to the Regular’s political masters, particularly ridicule.  The objective is not to rehabilitate the mentally ill, but to prevent the unafflicted from taking them seriously.



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3 responses to “Slimed Battle Space

  1. The objective is not to rehabilitate the mentally ill, but to prevent the unafflicted from taking them seriously.

    Interesting. Gotta think on that one a little….

  2. Basically killing the messenger through constant ridicule and challenging their sanity. Question their grasp on reality. Destroy their credibility. And do it in such a way that they become even more spittle-flecked with rage. Provoke them to irrational outbursts that prove our point to the undecided.

  3. Well, then, this sounds like fun! 😀