The Weaponization of Perversion

Secret History: Sex Bomb

Verrrry interesting, and very applicable to what is going on in our culture today.  Never could figure out how to get LiveLeak embedded on this page, but the links below will take you there.  YouTube and LiveLeak are new to me because I spent the last couple years in places with limited band width, but internet video is obviously a powerful propaganda and counterpropaganda tool.  This is a program from the English History Channel that probably won’t air in the States.

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5 responses to “The Weaponization of Perversion

  1. suek

    I’m not going to link, because I don’t have my sound connected.
    Some 50 years ago when I was in highschool, our principal gave us a talk about Communism, in which she said that the plans were to infiltrate the US and defeat it from the inside. She said that they would use sex because it was our most powerful drive, and that a powerful drive was what it would take to undermine the authority of Church and family, which would eventually lead to a breakdown of the authority of the government.
    I thought she was a little weird. But I have seen it happen. Society – primarily the entertainment industry – continually has been telling our young people that sexual freedom is their right and those old fuddy-duddies like your old-fashioned parents and those power-hungry priests just didn’t want you to have fun. Birth control eliminated the threat of unplanned pregnancy, and young people decided that their parents were wrong and their religion had no right to tell them how to live their lives. As if religion had any other purpose! Their philosophy became “we’ll do what we want”…”if it feels good, do it”. No limits on behavior – there is no wrong or right. The sky’s the limit. Breakdown of societal values and family values. Indoctrination in the schools that gay sex is normal (when by definition of “normal”, it isn’t) and good even though that means the breakdown of family even further. The Government will become your father and mother. It will care for you from cradle to grave. _And_ it will tell you what and how to think.

    Big Brother is coming – unless we can stop him.

    My principal was right.

  2. Hard to imagine somebody like your principal surviving as a government school indoctrinator nowadays.

    Much has changed over the last 50 years.

  3. suek

    Oh yeah…and men. Feminism promoted the “right” of women to irresponsible sex just like men had. Touting the idea that women shouldn’t be “just sexual objects”, somehow they’ve succeeded in making them more “just sexual objects” than they ever were in the days of female inequality. In those days, a woman was protected by her father – as well as society – and if she became pregnant, her father – and society – insisted that the man marry the woman and become responsible for the life he helped create. (My mother used to say “The first one comes anytime – after that, they take nine months”.) A young man for the most part didn’t get sex until he married. Young men were more than ready to marry and settle down to assume an adult role any time from 18-21 or so – because that’s the only way they were going to get sex. Now we have young men who find willing young women whenever they’re ready – even in their early teens. What motivates them to settle down to take up the role of head of family? Less and less, it seems. The philosophy is pretty much “he who dies with the most toys wins”. That philosophy doesn’t include the sacrifice of raising children, you can bet. So we have a large segment of the population that is eternally immature and bent on seeking whatever floats their boat.
    By the time they find out that Big Brother is going to see to it that their toys get taken away, it will be too late.

  4. Strong families tend towards self-reliance and perpetuation of politically incorrect traditions, so they must be discouraged, lest government’s role as surrogate parent be reduced.

  5. Ymarsakar

    Funny that you folks would be talking about the core of family. Confucius also mentioned that family was supposed to be the core of society. Check out this Bookworm post on modern day political and scholastic indoctrination.

    I suppose wordpress has to create an imbeded code for liveleak like they did with youtube. The more these video sites pop up, the more they will have to work at it. It is what happens when one chooses a top down upgrade system instead of a bottom up code process where users do their own imbeded video code.