We OWE Them Remembrance

Battlefield memorial defaced — Tippecanoe Battlefield Monument in Indiana, November 9, 2007

Local Veteran Fed Up With Memorial Vandalism — Veterans War Memorial at Sacramento’s Capitol Park (H/T Wake up America) — Sep 3, 2007

Vietnam Veterans Memorial defaced – Andover MA, September 1, 2007

Vietnam Memorial Wall Defaced This Weekend (September 7-9, 2007)

Vandalism. Desecration. Cowardice. Coddling. Enough is enough.

Once is an accident.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action.

Unpleasant to think of enemies in our midst.  Much easier to downplay and minimize and forget and do nothing, and ignore the broken windows and absolve ourselves of responsibility as we withdraw into gated communities and cede the commons to the anarchists.  But the easy way is always mined.

Seems to me that those of us who understand our duty have shirked it long enough.  We have to change the narrative in American society until monument desecration is once again recognized by the upper 99% as rude, crude and socially unacceptable.  We have to change the narrative in American society so that when the punks who do these things brag about it their own peers adjust their attitudes for them with up close and personal intensive wall-to-wall counseling, and are commended for it.  We have to change the narrative in American society to one in which we can ALL love our country, warts and all, and we can ALL honor our country’s defenders, and we can ALL be worthy of the blood shed for us.

I’m not sure how to change the narrative in American society, but refusing to go along with the dominant narrative is a start.  The Silent Majority must speak out against the dominant narrative, every time, relentlessly, until the dominant narrative veers under the weight of opposition and its own internal contradictions.  Quit biting your tongue.  Speak your mind.  Call them on it.  Hold your ground. 

This will be hard.  The right thing to do usually is.

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