Democracies at 4GWar

Wolf Pangloss synthesizes Hammes and Claessen, and comes up with a great graphic

explaining the connection between the enemy and the more radical wing of the domestic opposition.  The self-described “moderate” wing of the domestic opposition cannot disassociate themselves from the enemy-sympathizing radicals because they need them to be the other bad cops in their good cop-bad cop-worst cop game of cut throat pool over the American domestic target audience.  But the good cop and the bad cop are in it together to clean the worst cop’s balls off the table

The counterinsurgent cannot start a war without justifying it to his electorate; he cannot include the opposition in the government and abandon the government’s political priorities for the entire duration of the war; and he cannot curtail the activities of the active minorities that oppose the counterinsurgency.

But active minorites that support the counterinsurgency can, perhaps not curtail, but expose, impede, demonize and degrade such activities.  These supportive minorities can do for the counterinsurgent what the counterinsurgent is forbidden to do.  The collusion between the ‘”moderate” opposition and the radical opposition, and that between the radical opposition and the enemy is a sledgehammer with which to impugn their patriotism. They hate that.  Throw the patriotism rock into that pack and listen to which dogs howl the loudest.

UPDATE:  See also
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  2. Any comments or suggestions for improvement will be listened to and unless they are nonsensical I will attempt to use them. I’m always interested in finding visual ways to express relationships and information. If you come across a relationship or process you think would be more widely understood with a graphic, pass it on and I’ll probably take a shot at it.