The ‘cold civil war’

Mark Steyn piece here.

Free Republic thread here.

The Long War, the GWOT, the Third Jihad, the Eleventh Crusade, all hang in the balance until Western Christendom’s schizophrenic champion recovers it’s wits.



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5 responses to “The ‘cold civil war’

  1. Grimmy

    When societies refuse to deal forcefully and finally with hostile ideologies as they are contacted, the Perfect Storm is usually the result.

    Tired old communism, radicalized socialist utopianism, eurotrash spawned anti-Americanism, pathological pomoism and now, on top of it all, islamism.

    Wave stacked on wave stacked on wave stacked on wave.

    There are hard days ahead.

  2. Grimmy

    Burkean Reflections changed sites.

    It’s now American Power blog.

  3. suek

    You need to strip back that url…I saved it as you have it, and wondered why he didn’t post again. Figured the first one (the one you give) was such a biggie that he got slack. He sent out an email inviting commenters to read the next one he had posted, and I realized from the date that something wasn’t quite right.

    works if you want the usual daily updates…

  4. Grimmy


    Thanks. I didn’t realize I had copied a link to a specific article.

  5. suek

    Obviously I didn’t either – just went to the link he had on his old site, and then bookmarked it. Kept checking back and found the same article. I didn’t realize the problem was the bookmarked link till he sent out the email link and it took me to a different place, same blog. Then came the “duh” moment…!