There are two ways to exercise power

The first is to make decisions for people who would be better off making them for themselves.

The second is to withhold information from people that would allow them to make better decisions for themselves.

Now that is just profound as hell.  The Blog Father linked to a site on which somebody calling themselves Chuck Pelto posted that comment.  Some of the best stuff in the blogosphere is in the comments. 

Witholding information, burying information, misinterpreting information, are all ways the public intelligence service voters depend upon in making their choices, AKA the Main Stream Media, attempt to prevent us from choosing “incorrectly”. 

Transparency and openly admitted biases allow the consumer to evaluate the reliability of the source of the information. 

Everybody has an agenda.  The closer your agenda is to what you perceive is the agenda of your information source, the more credibility you assign that source.  We have reached the point where the same event can be reported by opposing sources without either source reporting anything that is not true, but the truth that serves their agendas are amplified and emphasized and the truth that does not serve their agendas is ignored or minimized or obscured.  The analysis and conclusions drawn from one set of presented facts will be very different from an opposing set. 

Choose your sources wisely.


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