I Don’t Think This Is Unintended

Doug Ross, via Glenn Reynolds

This is the kind of easily understood, graphic, powerful product the Office of War Information coordinated for the domestic target audience back in the day.  Self-mobilized volunteer information operators have to do now what the .gov has lawfared itself out of.

Go look.



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2 responses to “I Don’t Think This Is Unintended

  1. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about the fact that it’s up to us to do this vitally important work.

    People too often forget that “propaganda” simply means “that which propagates”. If enemies are propagating evil, we must counter them by propagating GOOD, specifically TRUTH.

    The message for everyone: You can, should, and MUST use “propaganda” to propagate THE TRUTH, whenever and wherever you get the opportunity, especially when countering enemy propaganda!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The cure for free speech you disagree with is more free speech.

    People who put more store in deeds than words end up disadvantaged in trying to counter the endless diarrhea of the keyboard spewing from the other side.

    But finding good pictures and captioning them well and weaving them into a simple and direct narrative, that’s a worthy DEED.