Now THIS is PROPAGANDA at it’s finest!

“No Wonder They Call it the Holy Land” via Purpleslog



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3 responses to “Now THIS is PROPAGANDA at it’s finest!

  1. It’s an interesting diversion, although at best it can only make people think twice about the war or Israel. Those that are influenced by these ads are the younger generation and also those that lack ability to withstand propaganda on any level. Everyone is vulnerable to propaganda, much as Tim Larkin’s point concerning how violence is effective against everybody, is a truism. Some are more resistant to propaganda or violence, whether because of preparation, basic personality matrixes, or some kind of luck in effect. So on this level, it cannot change the mind of people who have enough discipline to look past the superficiality, it can only make those that haven’t been paying attention start paying attention. Even then, it will attract only a percentage of them to review what they know about Israel to any positive benefits. It is a diffuse campaign, in that it does not target people in order to recruit them into the social network or a cell based system of informants or loyalists. My personal view is that this is a good companion piece to the ruthless military action, executions, and you know positive actions taken to eliminate the enemys will to fight by making him pay more of a price for war than he is making you pay.

    In a sense the best man standing is the guy that could not only dish out plenty of damage but could also absorb it when necessary. Course a perpetual defensive crouch, which is what Israel has with only campaigns of this persuasion involving Israeli military personnel, simply means that you take all the damage even though the enemy may only be able to inflict minor damage with each attack.

    Israel suffers from the same problem BUsh has. They don’t kill enough people. At least by my view, which is not typical. I would definitely approve of a double layered propaganda campaign. Deception is a core facet of warfare. Convincing people that the outer surface of Israeli actions are centered around beautiful women, while the inner onion layer below it concerns itself with the real exisgencies of military and army operations, is a winning ticket. This uses both illusion and reality to great effect with synergy.

  2. Grimmy

    An hour long interview of Dr. Kilcullen on counter insurgency with Charlie Rose.

    Lots of good info on the basics of CI as well as some good specifics on both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Hour long. Well worth the time to listen.

    For those who don’t know… Dr. Kilcullen is a Lt Col in the Australian military and has been one of Gen Patraeus’ advisers on counter insurgency and also assisted in writing the new manual on this issue.

  3. Akira

    The more chicks the better, says I. This isn’t Commie China, where they have a habit of killing off the girls.

    Funny how they yap on about “sexism”, but nobody seems to care that that ad’s blasphemous.