Cyber Mobilization

Spent a few hours googling the Israeli Cyber Soldiers, thinking that may be an example for how an American Virtual Information Militia could operate.  Learned a little about Megaphone , read some about Collactive.  This was news last year but it was new to me because I was decisively engaged last year and didn’t hear about it until recently.  So I keep reading and evaluating the information I can find, both pro and con, and killed an afternoon only to come to the conclusion in the end that this ain’t it.  The OSINT I could collect leads me to conclude that spamming the opposition with canned comments and sending form letter emails is not all that effective.  But YMMV, so FYI here is

Coalition Against Terrorist Media looks promising.  Maybe we need a coalition against terrorist-sympathizing media.  On my blogroll are several sites that meet that description.  How do we grow them?



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3 responses to “Cyber Mobilization

  1. Grimmy

    Another blog site by a former Marine that tells it plain and true.

    Always worth the read, especially on those days when you’re getting convinced that there’s no one left in the west but sissies and punks.

  2. Grimmy

    Is another such site. This one is by a former USMC Major.

  3. suek

    Parking this here – looks interesting but I don’t have a lot of time this am…