Once again, milbloggers have somehow become “conservative bloggers” in the media

Sez Greyhawk.

Are all milbloggers conservative?

From the perspective of the MSM, anybody who supports victory must necessarily be conservative.  Some milbloggers would not be comfortable self-identifying as conservatives, but even fewer would care to be called lefties.   It’s not a complement. 

Most milbloggers are assumed by the general public to be right-wingers, and that’s a perception the lefties want to create and benefit from.  I read a lot of milblogs, and link to them, and consider them to be the key element in CYOP, and some are fairly Republican, some seem Libertarian, a few are definitely Conservative, and a handful tend towards the Kos side of the blogospheric spectrum.  Some attempt to be apolitical, but that gets harder and harder with every speech by Dingy Harry or ad from MoveOn.org.  Not many blogs  recognized by other milbloggers as milblogs have given up on the campaign in Iraq.

Military service is inimical to most of what the Left believes in.   Objective truth is not only considered possible, it’s a requirement in the military.  Results matter in that environment, and good intentions do not mitigate failure.  Multi-culti PC tranzie pomo environmentalist whackos don’t join the all-volunteer military.  And that side doesn’t need blogs.  They have the MSM.  So they are going to be underrepresented in the military arc of the blogosphere.

But the perception that milbloggers are just shills for Dana Perino cannot be allowed to stand.  In independence there is credibility. 

War supporters should give people enough breathing room to support the war effort without having to endorse the President. Hell, let him be a scapegoat if we can win. Admit what went wrong. Assign blame. There’s plenty to go around. — John Lynch

January, 2009 will see the current C-in-C step down.  His replacement will have the power to purge the internet of oppositional content she finds intolerable, especially from active duty milbloggers.  It is not too early to begin brainstorming survival strategies.  The military will need milbloggers then more than ever.



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7 responses to “Once again, milbloggers have somehow become “conservative bloggers” in the media

  1. suek

    When my son left for Iraq, I was somewhat concerned. He’s a bit paranoid, and didn’t want any direct contact, which didn’t help much. Before he left, he was concerned about sandfleas which he heard were a major problem. He asked me to find him some sort of remedy – which led to some interesting searches. It seems that sandfleas aren’t really fleas but something else. It turned out that they weren’t a problem where he was stationed, but…guess what I turned up during my search…! whiners. I had started reading Mudville, and linked blogs, and their spirit was good. I was encouraged. Of course, there had to be others..and I found them…among my search for sandfleas.
    Somehow, it seemed appropriate!

  2. Even paranoids have enemies. Force Protection and OPSEC are all about healthy paranoia. Leishmaniasis made for gruesome PowerPoint slides at te CONUS Replacement Center, but the sand flies never bothered me as much as the standard Iraqi house fly, which are much crazier than American flies. They get right in your eyeball and keep buzzing around your face until you kill ’em.

  3. suek

    Ugh. I find myself uncontrollably brushing inaginary flies from my face when I see some of the shows with the shots of people with flies walking around on their faces, and they just ignore them. I suggested fly traps to my son – they’re fairly inexpensive online, and cut the population eventually if they’re used regularly (I have horses). He said no…they’d had some up for a week or so and the Iraqis used them for target practice…thought it was hilarious when they sprayed their contents all over someone. Yuck. Double yuck. Before they come out with the neat little disposable plasti bags, we used flytrap jars – they were called Big Stinky jars (you can probably still find them online) and boy, they sure did. So do the disposables, but you can close and pitch, or you can wait till they dry out and they’re not so bad. With the Stinky jars, you had to dump and bury.
    And yes..paranoia isn’t _always_ bad. Funny thing is that since he’s been back, it seems as if he isn’t so paranoid anymore – like his paranoid button got worn out!

  4. Concerning the new C in C. The people haven’t chosen the next one yet. This will be the most important election of my lifetime. Shall we turn back the clock to 1976 and a freshly elected socialist american technocrat or face the future? The choice is stark.

    As for the conservative label, I never thought I was a conservative (except fiscally) until the left lost its mind over Dubya. Now I’m a JFK Republican.

    Lemme repeat, JFK Republican. That is a meme that might spread with very little help.

    Who is Clinton going to give her Checkers Speech about?

  5. Pessimists are rarely disappointed. Hillary seems inevitable at this point in time, and I’m planning for the worst-case scenario. I remember Waco.

    IF she loses, her Checkers speech will be all about the VRWC and talk radio.

    What do JFK Republicans believe that Reagan Democrats don’t?

  6. suek, do you have 6 horses, harness-broke, 1000 lbs or bigger? I know of a 12-Pdr Napoleon that needs pulling.

  7. suek

    Heh. 6, yes. Harness broke, no, but that’s surmountable. 1000 lbs? not likely! How about 8…would that take up the slack???