Our Military Has to Serve These Political Masters

These Quislings are out in the open, now.  They are on record.  They do not think  General Petraeus deserves the full support of the Senate and they do not condemn personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all the members of the United States Armed Forces.

Akaka (D-HI) — voted to confirm Petreaus January 26, 2007
Bingaman (D-NM) — voted to confirm Petreaus January 26, 2007
Boxer (D-CA) —  did not vote on Petreaus’ confirmation
Brown (D-OH)  —  voted to confirm
Byrd (D-WV) — voted to confirm
Clinton (D-NY) — voted to confirm
Dodd (D-CT) — voted to confirm
Durbin (D-IL) — voted to confirm
Feingold (D-WI) — voted to confirm
Harkin (D-IA) — voted to confirm
Inouye (D-HI) — did not vote on Petraeus’ confirmation
Kennedy (D-MA) — voted to confirm
Kerry (D-MA) — did not vote on Petraeus’ confirmation
Lautenberg (D-NJ) — voted to confirm
Levin (D-MI) — voted to confirm
Menendez (D-NJ) — voted to confirm
Murray (D-WA) –voted to confirm
Reed (D-RI) — voted to confirm
Reid (D-NV) — voted to confirm
Rockefeller (D-WV) — voted to confirm
Sanders (I-VT) — voted to confirm
Schumer (D-NY) — voted to confirm
Stabenow (D-MI) — voted to confirm
Whitehouse (D-RI) — voted to confirm
Wyden (D-OR) — voted to confirm

These people are part of our government.  These people have the power to destroy any officer or Other Government Agency employee who tries to protect the American people from enemy propaganda.  These people are the reason the Regulars can’t do counterpropaganda.


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4 responses to “Our Military Has to Serve These Political Masters

  1. Grimmy

    That blog is written by a man that is a teacher at a California college.

    He has many interesting observations and he participates in the discussions in the comment sections of his posts.

    He does act much like a triarii. A place to hold ground against a tide of marxist betrayers and surrender monkeys in the California education system.

  2. Good one. Thanks, Grimmy.

  3. Principes, that was the heavy infantry between the triarii and the hastati. I was trying to remember their name when I was writing about the draft in relation to Rome’s Second Punic War. Back before that Roman guy whose name I forgot professionalized their legions.

    A pretty effective counter-effort to put off balance these politicians is to run 15 second ads (or bit torrent style technology) with just that one line or two taken from these politician’s speeches, overlaid with the implication that these people are more interested in their own profit than the profit of America as a whole.

    Expensive and is on the level of a national campaign organization, but hitting politicians where it hurts, at their constituency, is where it is at. Almost anything else, like negotiations, are ineffective. You can even oust Senate minority leaders this way.

    It is sort of like a counter-insurgency in a way. You can’t get rid of, eliminate, or undermine ALL of these people on the list. But you can perhaps make an example out of one or 5 and then try to convince the more “moderates” or weaker individuals to come and join your side. Targeting any potential leadership cadres or individuals that might seek to organize against you, would be a good target. One target is always less expensive than taking care of 5 or 10. Humans operate on a hierarchy, thus they need leadership or someone around which they could organize and receive orders. THis is one of the fundamental weaknesses to any human institution. Human groups do have an ability to regenerate and replace fallen leaders, but it is slow and experience/wisdom is still lost. If the only thing you gain is time, then that is time you didn’t have awhile ago. In war, time is sometimes even more valuable than money and weapons.

  4. The beginning of my comment was meant to be under the Triarii post, which I thought was this post.