“Ad Triarios Redisse!”

It has come to the triarii. 

The Triarii were usually the oldest and very experienced of the Roman army, and their job was to defend against disaster as a last resort, or to shock the enemy with a different look at the right moment. The Triarii were armed with the Roman equivalent of the phalanx style spear, the Hastae. If the heavy infantry were pushed back, the Triarii would charge forward with their spears, hopefully with the effect of shocking the enemy and allowing the Princeps and Hastati time to regroup. They were used as a last resort, and the Latin expression ‘ad triarios redisse’, or it has come to the triarii, became a general phrase meaning that something was in a desperate situation.

Historical analogies are lost on a lot of people, but this one may resonate with my intended target audience.  The War of Ideas, the Culture War, The Global War On Terror, are all being fought over the key terrain that lies between the ears of the American voter, and right now that battle is not going so well.  We are beset with lies, pessimism, and defeatism from which our military cannot and the rest of our government will not protect us.   Some of the most persuasive advocates of victory are former kinetic warriors of the previous century who can appreciate the value of steady hands and clear heads.  Theirs is the command voice that rings out above the din of battle.


We must amplify that voice, and echo that command. 

It has come to us.  We are the last line.

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7 responses to ““Ad Triarios Redisse!”

  1. Grimmy


    For reference in the “general” category intel.

    Know your enemy. Attack his plans and his alliances. Those who ally with the enemy are no different from the enemy.

  2. Grimmy


    Another for the general intel info catagory.

    Much of the strategy of the MB mirrors that of Gramsci. This is why the actions of the left and the islamics resemble each other so closely.

  3. suek

    Have you considered adding a category for links? I don’t know what’s possible, but a post or group of posts that would be updateable to include links or connections within a certain topic groups. What I’m thinking would be something like Category: Links. Posts under that grouping might be: recommended reading, general intel info, examples of information use/abuse…stuff like that…

  4. suek

    “The Triarii were armed with the Roman equivalent of the phalanx style spear, the Hastae.”

    Heh. Do you suppose that this is the origin of the phrase that “Haste makes waste”?

  5. I could add particularly good links to my blog roll along the right side.

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