Let Us Win

“OK, so there was no WMD. The war was run badly by Bush and Rumsfeld. But now the professionals are running it and we’re starting to win. Let us finish the job. You don’t like them, but you respect us. Don’t let us down, like you did in Vietnam.”This could work. Everything does come down to results. If the Army and Marines can keep winning, I think they’ll keep getting the support of the American people. If the President can shut up and let the military remain the focus of the war, then we might just get through this. War supporters should give people enough breathing room to support the war effort without having to endorse the President. Hell, let him be a scapegoat if we can win. Admit what went wrong. Assign blame. There’s plenty to go around.

The war has to stop being a Republican war. It has to stop being Bush’s war. If it becomes the US military’s war, then it’s everyone’s war. And we can win. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care about taking credit. The war is more important than partisan points.  —  John Lynch

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6 responses to “Let Us Win

  1. Jonah Goldberg makes much the same point.

    President Bush may have had the vision and courage to shake up the Middle East, but he has done a very poor job of getting national buy in.

  2. Grimmy

    I dont buy into that general concept of it being the POTUS fault at the lack of national buy in.

    Too many people are so weak and spineless that they need someone constantly whispering in their ears about how the world is a hard place. These folk are of little to no value in anything other than being in the way.

    Short sighted, easily frustrated and confused and ultimately open to being turned by the enemy against themselves.

    I have even less patience and/or respect for those that have allowed themselves to fall for the idiocy that co-equates this POTUS and our former SecDef with the LBJ/McNamara format.

    While there is no such thing as perfect in any endeavor ever undertaken by human beings, there’s no evidence for this or former elements of this admin to have been anything like the grossly incompetent LBJ admin.

    Every commander that had any real input or command influence on the issue has spoken against that as a reality, it always comes from those who had no real command influence or folk simply making it up out of whole cloth.

    Propaganda is best played off of frustrations and/or fears felt. Weakness is in allowing yourself to get played because of frustrations and/or fears.

  3. suek

    >>I dont buy into that general concept of it being the POTUS fault at the lack of national buy in.>>

    I disagree on this. In a perfect world, the problem would be stated, the action taken and we’d all be behind the CINC. In reality, war is a bad thing – though there are things that are worse – and we’ve taken since the Vietnam War to find a response to the term “anti-war”. After all, who in the name of heaven can say they’re “pro-war”? Pro-victory works, but it’s taken a while to get to that. As it is, we really do need a cheerleader for when the times are tough, and especially when you have an entrenched political opponent belaboring the “our poor soldiers” point all the time. What we need is a communicator as well as a doer – a tough combo – most are either one or the other. Bush has failed as a communicator, he’s taken the battle to the muslims but not to the Dems, and he’s let many of their lies stand unanswered. In other words, he’s allowed their propaganda to stand without countering with propaganda of his own. It would be great if we didn’t need it, but for the long haul, you have to keep morale up, and in that he’s failed. Not in the military, but in the civilian populace – and the civilian populace is really where the final decision is going to rest.

  4. Grimmy


    There have been speeches and messages sent, loud and clear, that counter the propaganda of both our enemy and our betrayers.

    Problem is, the mechanisms of dispersal have been swamped with so much pro-enemy propagandist noise that nothing gets through.

    From day one, the information distribution system has been deluged with either total idiot talking heads making it up as they go along, or with a few former insiders (military and/or civilian) that were so far away from the decision chain as to be completely non relevant, and them making it up as they go along anyway to fill in they’re own knowledge vacuum.

    The POTUS has done what can be done and if its not enough, it is no one’s fault but our own.

    It is time to put the Noose of Blame and Failure around the proper necks.

    We, the citizens, all of us. We have sat on our hands and made up excuse after excuse and swallowed degenerate bullcrap lies, twists and manipulations from our media for so long it has become a cultural habit. Our information distribution system is over run with empty glam heads, and agenda driven liars. There’s no one to blame but us, the consumers, for allowing such a vital system to fall so low.

    And, when the day comes, as it always does in such situations, where the citizens get fed up with living on their knees with their mouths grafted to the propaganda spigot of idiots and liars, the situation will change. Until then, the media will continue to punk us, because we prove every day that we are punks.

  5. The majority of us ARE punks, if by “us” you are referring to the American people as a whole, but we do not endear ourselves to the sheep by harshly confronting them with unpalatable realities.

    The C-in-C did NOT do all that could have been done. He is the Captain of the Ship of State and the Decider, responsible for everything the Executive Branch does OR FAILS TO DO. I accept no fault for that.

    He has his reasons, explanations and mitigating circumstances. There is little to be gained by further criticism. He is what he is, we are where we are, and for the next 16 months we must do what we can to bolster the morale, resolve and fortitude of our fellow Americans.

  6. suek

    >>There is little to be gained by further criticism. He is what he is, we are where we are, and for the next 16 months we must do what we can to bolster the morale, resolve and fortitude of our fellow Americans.>>