C-in-C Meets IO Warlords

Somebody in the White House must have read Blogospheric Resistance

If you have ever commented on one of the blogs listed below, somebody in the White House has probably read what you said, too.  The President, War Czar LTG Doug Lute, Tony Snow, Dana Perino, Stephen Hadley, and others could be in your audience.

I’m excited.


First Impressions of meeting with the President.   — John of Argghhh!

So What Did YOU Do Today? — Mrs. Greyhawk

ThreatsWatch at the White House — Steve Schippert

Mrs. G lists


John of Argghhh!
A Soldier’s Perspective
Steve Shippert
NZ Bear
Mohammed of Iraq the Model
Bill Ardolino
Bill Roggio

as the IO War Lords who participated in this loya jirga. 

Push back from the port side of the blogosphere will be entertaining.

DefenseTech Meets With President Bush

President Bush Meets with N.Z., Milbloggers





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