We Have To Share A Country With These People

Owen West impresses me.  Read Our New National Divide

Nearly six years into the war on terror–which is being fought by less than 30% of the military and less than one-half of 1% of the nation–and the stark irony of America in modern war has emerged. Our professional warriors who take the most risk believe the nation must commit to a long-term fight that includes Iraq in some form. Overall support for the endeavor wanes with distance.This divergence isn’t new. Those who have battled the enemy up close have always been more heavily invested in the cause. What’s different is that in past wars, the nation was tied to its soldiers and had a familial barometer. Today most Americans have never met a Gold Star family, let alone shaken the hand of a fallen soldier. The military community is increasingly insulated even as the burden of global war swells. Within it there are those who drift in and out of the fight according to orders. But there is also a group that is distinctive–those who join the military to hunt the enemy for a living, and for the rest of us. Doug Zembiec was such a man.

Last month 76% of Republicans expressed confidence in the military to give an “accurate picture of the war,” while only 36% of Democrats did.

This divide is not new.   Major West would probably not appreciate me pointing this out, but our two major political parties quit even bothering to pretend that politics ends at the water’s edge a long time ago.  Collectivism, Cultural Marxism, Transnational Progressivism, Post-Modernism, Environmentalism are welcomed much more warmly in one party than in the other.   The same can be said for Patriotism, Constitutionalism, Federalism and Capitalism.  One party has many members who believe that OUR country is a force for good in the world, and is worth defending, and honors our defenders.  One party has many members who believe that OUR country is the focus of evil in the modern world, that we deserve it when OUR cities are attacked and OUR countrymen are killed, and support our troops when they shoot their officers.  The partisans of both parties find it increasingly difficult to abide the other.  Respect, comity, and plain old common decency is getting mighty scarce. 

Well you can’t beat ’em up, that’s the wrong thing to do

You can’t live with ’em and you just can’t shoot ’em

Libs, I’m talking ’bout libs.

With apologies to the Forrester Sisters.

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5 responses to “We Have To Share A Country With These People

  1. I posted that link over at Villanous Company.. They DO want to provoke us to thermonuclear devastation of much of the Eastern Hemisphere. Days like last Tuesday I am inclined to consider that path.

    Thanks, suek. Good comments make a week blog stronger.

  2. Grimmy

    The idea that the division stems from a disconnect due to lack of participation is wrong.

    The division arises from a segment of our population that has given itself over to adherence to our enemy.

    Plain and simple. No other excuse. No other explanation. There is a large and loud “betrayer class” in culture.

    There is nothing of honor, integrity or honesty in their claims, acts or advocacies.

  3. suek

    The question is whether such an action(assuming we took it) would be to our benefit or not. Would it cause the entire muslim world to rise up and start killing their neighbors? I don’t think there are enough in the US to be a threat to us here…not a _real_ threat, although they could certainly do major damage.
    I think we need to bring the muslims into the modern world just so they get sufficiently busy to stay out of trouble – they think too much! The women stay home and do the work, the men sit around and plot. Idle hands etc. We need to get them TVs…destroy their minds a bit…!