Too Many Information Operations to keep up with.  CG, MNF-I is doing well with his. screwed the pooch with theirs.  Code Pink could hardly have done any more damage to whatever credibility the anti-war movement had left if they had been working for Karl Rove instead of George Soros.    UBL (or somebody playing him on TV) blew the Democrat’s cover all to hell.  Can we question Noam Chomsky’s patriotism now?

9/11.  You either get it, or you don’t. 

I was here, five weeks later. I haven’t been back in the rear on 9/11 since 2003.    United We Stand.  Yeah, right.

Smarter people than me have better words.  Read them.  My heart is full.  I have no words.

The left doesn’t care about winning this conflict. They’ve talked themselves into believing that it’s not that big a threat (“They won’t use a nuclear device. If they do, I’ll stand corrected.” – actual comment from a Qando commenter) They have come to a deeply felt conclusion – that George Bush is a bigger enemy than anything else in the world.

They just can’t bring themselves to separate the War on Terror from their War on Bush. Many of them can’t even find one thing that they agree with Bush on. He can spend $40 billion a year on a socialist-inspired program to give seniors prescription drugs, and the left can only carp that he’s not doing a dozen other things they want. He can sign a bill that limits free-speech in exactly the way a leftist special interest group wanted when they astro-turfed the issue into a “crisis”, and they yawn and shift to talking about public funding of elections to remove all private money. (There’s a great idea for promoting freedom – let the government decide who the legitimate candidates are and disallow the rest from spending any money.)

I’d like those who told us all along that the whole thing would never work to really look at the present situation and see if they can see a way it can. After all, some of their predictions were way off. They kept telling us how 10,000 Americans would die in the military invasion. Folks like Jimmy Carter told us Iraq wasn’t stable enough for an election. Leftist commentators railed during the multi-party negotiations about how the Iraqis would never come up with a structure all sides could agree on.And those who favored the effort in Iraq have our own admissions to make. For example, there’s no “instant cake mix” equivalent for creating a democratic country, especially in a region that’s been dominated by sectarian strife for centuries. We need to face up to the problem of Iran and admit that we have no good options there, only bad ones and worse ones. We need to understand exactly what our military can do in the modern, post-peace-dividend world.Right now, pro-war folks don’t like to talk about such aspects of the Iraq effort. If they do, the anti-war types seize on such admissions the way a coyote seizes a squirrel for lunch, while never, ever admitting that their own understanding and predictions are anything less than perfect, no matter how much evidence is piled in front of them. Heck, we can’t even get many of them to believe that the federal government had nothing to do with 9/11. Or that Bush wasn’t holding up a plastic turkey at Thanksgiving in Iraq. They’ve settled into a gooey, viscous state of mind, in which they are so mentally invested in their own conclusions that they don’t have the psychic energy to question any of them, even the ones that are preposterous.   —  Billy Hollis

More words: 

When 9/11 happened, half the political world woke up. But not the other half, on the Left. The Left can’t be wrong. If the facts on the ground contradict what’s in their heads, the facts must be wrong.

That’s not just true for the Mooney Left, but even for the Hard Noam Chomsky Left. Because the Chomsky Left is only the Mooney Left grown more verbose. Like Chomsky, the Hard Left believes that ordinary people are easily suckered by the Big War-Mongering Corporations, just like the ad campaigns for Coke and Pepsi.  Chomsky calls it “manufactured consent”. That just means that normal people can’t be trusted to think for themselves. They are constantly suckered by the Big Evil Corps.

Reality is too painful for these folks. It’s too scary. They protect themselves by a powerful, invisible shield of psychic Saran Wrap. It’s just like the miracle of plastics.

I never really understood that, because, frankly, it would mean that half of my contemporaries were mad. Or — let’s use a nice word —  they are “in denial.” But not just the normal, everyday denial, the kind that doctors see when their patients are dying in the hospital. Rather, the Left denies entire categories of shared physical danger that are plainly visible to all us, every single day. They just turn those facts upside-down, or shift the responsibility to the wrong side. In Winston Churchill’s perspicacious phrase, they blame the fire brigade, not the fire.  — James Lewis



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  1. suek

    There’s a picture of the aftermath of WWII – Dresden, I think but maybe it’s the Frauenkirche in Berlin – with a bombed out church in the center of the photo…oddly enough, it bears a lot of similarity to the remaining structure in this one. Not that it’s relevant to anything – I just had a memory chord touched when I saw the photo.

  2. suek

    It might have been this one, but the one I’m remembering was just the church, black and white, and no modern buildings around. This one sort of looks right, but not quite. If it was the Dresden one, then it was a different angle.