Propaganda Analysis

PSYOP Auxiliaries must use all available assets to collect the wide variety of opposing information and propaganda existing in media.  Avoid being lured by the obvious propaganda and missing the more subtle and potentially effective propaganda being disseminated.   The enemy may deliberately disseminate obvious propaganda to draw collectors away from other events or information. For example, an adversary may put a particularly obnoxious poster on a forum, chat room, or blog, while subtler and potentially more damaging disinformation, hoaxes, opposing information,  misinformation and propaganda appears in your local newspaper.   A proven method of collecting information is media analysis.

Media analysis is the structured, deliberate tracking and analysis of opponent and neutral media (TV, radio, Internet, and print). Properly performed media analysis, although time-consuming, can identify trends and become predictive. To be truly effective, media analysis must be conducted on a daily basis.  There are several good web sites that conduct media analysis as part of a push back against media bias.  These bloggers are infowarriors, too, and a resource for counterpropagandists.  Records must be kept of the sedition and collaboration of “American” media personalities to better destroy their credibility and bring them to justice, if not in a court of law then in the court of public opinion.

The Internet. Most media outlets maintain web sites on the Internet.These sites frequently have the most recent editions of their reports posted in English. Many governments also maintain official web sites on which they post news releases (with their own slant) and other forms of information. Some of these government-sponsored sites are actually sources of propaganda that should be closely monitored.  Monitoring the World Wide Web for adversary propaganda is a basic, entry-level task for new infowarriors

FULL DISCLOSURE:  An Army Field Manual was heavily plagiarized or paraphrased above.  So far as I know, a manual suitable for civilian volunteer counterpropagandists targeting the American domestic audience does not exist, yet.

How to Analyze Propaganda



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  1. suek


    You mean sort of like breaking news about Republican Craig’s arrest and guilty plea nearly 3 months ago on the same day or the day after the news about the campaign donations of the mysterious Hsu was published by the WSJ? That kind of thing???

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  3. suek

    >>So far as I know, a manual suitable for civilian volunteer counterpropagandists targeting the American domestic audience does not exist, yet.>>

    Are there schools that teach advertising skills? Maybe in the colleges that teach political science (art would be more correct than science, imo).

  4. suek

    Here’s another example. The question for me is how does someone determine who’s behind the action? Is it silent mutual agreement, or coordinated?

  5. suek

    Still another. This one is a bit different, postulating islamic influence prior to WWII.

  6. Isn’t that what conventional warriors label a “diversion”?

  7. suek

    >>Isn’t that what conventional warriors label a “diversion”?>>


  8. diversion, feint, fixing attack, anything to get us to take our eyes off of the real ball.

  9. Both attacks are real. That actually makes either one the diversion for the other.

    The target goal for propagandists should be the infamous Catch 22. Which is, creating two avenues of attacks so that the defender is damned if he goes one way and damned if he goes the other way. Like say, Bush lied about WMDs. You could defend against such charges and be damned through giving legitimacy to the UN and wasting time on things that only the Left cares about to the certain degree that it involves IAEA bureacratic documentation that goes nowhere, OR you can say that there are WMDs and go down the path of trying to prove this and whatever. Both routes waste time on irrelevant operations that do no damage to the enemy’s battlespace while taking energy from you to defend your battlespace.

    The solution, of course, is to find a third way and thereby escape the trap. Say, attacking the ones accusing Bush of lying, is a famous counter-attack and defense method of the Left. Swiftboating, you know. Things like that. Attack the attackers, or whomever you perceive as the attackers.

    This often gets into deadlock and he said she said. However, that is much better than the rope a dope and fatigue derived from endless WMD and UN justifications that go nowhere except through the heads of people that are paying attention. Do common folks pay attention to the nuances and details of UN resowhatevers? No. So the battlespace of those for OIF is weakened while the battlespace of those against OIF is strenghtened, because most people will understand and remember “Bush lied and People Died” but not UN Resolution XXX said….

    Proper counter-anything takes into account exactly what you are up against. What is the enemy’s favorite line of propaganda, what can they be expected to do in certain situations and scenarios. You look at their youtube behavior, their AL Jazeera actions, and their reactions to typical Pentagon press releases, casualty figures, and US military operations details. If you know what your enemy is going to do, it becomes far easier to counter it by stealing a march on them and getting to the point of contest first. The initiative is always on the attacker except in cases where the attackers are surprised or if the attackers have an information leak.