School of the Counterpropagandist — Propaganda

Propaganda is intentionally incorrect or misleading information directed against an adversary or potential adversary to disrupt or influence any sphere of national power—informational, political, military, or economic.

The broadcasts of Lord Haw Haw to the British Isles during the Battle of Britain, and of Tokyo Rose in the Pacific theater during World War II are excellent examples of this type of skewed information. These programs are deliberately designed to attack the will of nations to resist and the will of Soldiers to fight. These propagandists attempt to mix truth and lies in a way that is imperceptible to the listener.

Other Government Agencies are supposed to  counter propaganda on an international scale and within the United States. If they were, a Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group would have no reason for being.

Much of the best stuff available online about propaganda comes from people who seem to me to fall disproportionately on one side of the political spectrum.  Keep that in mind, and accept what makes sense to you and discard the ideological rubbish.  It’s not surprising to me that one side should study propaganda so much, and be so concerned about it being used against them.

Here is your homework assignment:



What is Propaganda?

Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes

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5 responses to “School of the Counterpropagandist — Propaganda

  1. suek

    There’s another type of propaganda – preventing people from gaining access to information. Well, maybe it’s not propaganda, but if not, then I’m not sure _what_ to call it.
    I regularly check the AtlasShrugged blogsite (it’s annoyingly slow to load, but worth checking, imo) and recently she posted that her site was being blocked as a hate site. Apparently so are others. So – because the internet is what it is – there are some who are working to stop this blocking by certain …I don’t know – who _is_ it that’s doing the blocking? Anyway, here’s a link to a site that’s trying to get that changed. I think it’s good to be aware of such actions and responses.

    Most people are probably aware that Youtube takes down anti-islamic postings, but allows the most horrendous islamic propagandizing ones to stay on. My guess is that there are muslims to are assigned or who assign themselves the task of reviewing new Youtube films and then use the “offensive material” button to get anti-islamic ones removed. Maybe that’s an action we need to take – if getting them to leave up the anti-islamic ones isn’t possible.
    Talk about dealing with a non-responsive beaurocracy – these sites are absolutely frustrating, I think!

  2. Looks like the other side stifling opposing information. They are applying a restrictive measure to deny people access to Atlas Shrugs’ message. Quite a compliment if you ask me.

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