School of the Counterpropagandist — Opposing Information

Opposing information is intentional or unintentional truth based on information coming from anyone that represents an opposing view based upon factual evidence.

The enemy is not required to tell the truth.  They only use it when it serves their purpose.  Bad things happen in war.  Even some of the Good Guys do the wrong thing sometimes.  Even the right thing can be described negatively.  The truth cannot be refuted.  It can only be explained.  This is where context becomes critical.  As irregulars, few of us will be in positions enabling us to explain the event presented as opposing information, but we will be able to question the agenda and ulterior motives of the source of the opposing information, keep records on the accuracy of that source in the past, and analyze who benefits from the dissemination of the opposing information.  We can remain sceptical until the information proves to be true, then we can disseminate the explanation provided by the regulars.  A few of us may be able to add context to the explanation that the rest of us can spread around our individual circles of influence.

In the war for the battle space between the ears of the American voter, opposing information must be met with even more information.  The response to free speech with which you disagree is more free speech.  The counter to pessimism is optimism.  True bad news degrades optimism, as it should, but context in explaining the bad news can mitigate some of that pessimism.   There are a whole lot of people working very hard to convince you that the war is lost.  It is up to you whether to be convinced or not.

Homework:  Read How Al Qaeda is Winning Even as it is Losing



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3 responses to “School of the Counterpropagandist — Opposing Information

  1. suek

    This may or may not be of interest, but the link to the terror financing blog was definitely interesting. Almost unintelligible, but interesting.

  2. Grimmy

    Context for the Sept Report. Grim at Blackfive posts the actual law under which Congress set the rules for the production and discussion of the the report.

    This is something that is going to be spun HARD by the betrayers and the spin has already started.

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