School of the Counterpropagandist — Terminology

Before we can walk the walk we got to learn to talk the talk.

What is propaganda? Google the word and spend the next week reading all the definitions. I wish I had that kind of time. For our purposes propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information, facts, allegations or rumors for the purpose of injuring an institution, a cause, or a person. There are plenty of other definitions, but this is my blog and my class so this is the one we’ll go with. We can discuss other definitions later. The institution. being injured that most concerns me is the nation-state known as te United States of America. The cause being injured is the Global War On Terrorism. The persons being injured who need our help the most are the Commander-in-Chief and Commanding General, Multi-National Force Iraq.

White propaganda — true and we know who sent it.

Gray propaganda — we’re not sure of the source and we’re not sure it is true.

Black propaganda — the source claimed is not the real source, and we’re sure it is lies, fabrication and deceptions.

Disinformation is information disseminated primarily by the enemy’s strategic communication apparatus designed to distort information and deceive or influence the decisions of the American people, American politicians, American commanders, allies, and key individuals via indirect or unconventional means. The Soviet’s blamed the creation of AIDS on the United States to discredit the U.S. and disrupt the movement of U.S. naval forces. They got the MSM to to print stories that AIDS was invented in an American biowar lab, and when the stories appeared in enough papers the U.S. Navy was persona non grata in foreign ports. The Soviets forced extensive AIDS testing of all U.S. military personnel before deployments, which cost us a lot of money, time and flexibility.

The enemy plants the story in sympathetic media.  It gains traction and gets picked up by other media.  Eventually the friendlies have to recognize the attack and respond, but the lie has spread around the world by the time the truth has got it’s boots on.  The conduit for disinformation is sympathetic media.  More on how to break U. S. -based sympathetic media of their bad habits later.

Read Information Warfare 101 by Douglas Hanson

 Next lesson:  Misinformation



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  1. Grimmy

    Mr Douglas from Burkean Reflections sent me this link. It gives some background and perspective on the issue of civilian casualties.

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