School of the Counterpropagandist

Distance learning for civilian irregular PSYOP auxiliaries and virtual information militia.

America is not at war.  The Marine Corps is at war.  America is at the mall.

Contemplate that.  Does that sting?  Are you uncomfortable with the implications?  Are you frustrated that more has not been asked of you?  Would you like to do more but don’t know what you could do?  Well, bookmark this and come back to it when you have some free time and brainpower and a cup of coffee.

Welcome back!  You obviously are interested enough to get this far.  So, why are we here?  To attempt to harness the collective mental energy and leisure time of hundreds of thousands of computer-literate Americans in a virtual militia of volunteer information operators to fight the War of Ideas on the home front.  What’s in it for you?  The opportunity to contribute to victory. 

Of course, if you don’t believe victory is possible, or are scared to death of victory, you are excused.  Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice life.

This post is an overview of the program of instruction which I intend to present between now and General Petraeus’ Dog & Pony Show next month.  Somebody more qualified than myself should  have seen the need and filled it by now, but nobody has stepped up so I am presumptious enough to take it upon myself.  The Good Guys are running out of time.  Somehow or another the American people must be persuaded to give them more time. 

Americans have short attention spans, little patience, and small tolerance for failure.  Any rag tag and bobtailed gang of Ali Babas can defeat the world’s only superpower by exploiting those characteristics.  They can’t beat our troops in kinetic combat.  They don’t have to.  They just have to convince the voters that victory is not worth the cost and politicians will pull the plug for short-term electoral gain.  Convincing the enemy that he can’t win works.  Our enemy is doing that to us.

Wait a minute, you say.  Don’t we pay taxes to be protected from enemy psychological operations?  Well, if you do, you aren’t getting your money’s worth.  The very phrase “psychological operations” invokes scary images of mind control and hallucinagenic drug experiments and eeevil Rovian conspiracies to manage perceptions and manufacture consent.  This pejorative view has crippled US Government strategic communications efforts for decades, just as the Soviets intended.  The enemy in this war benefits enormously from the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield accomplished by our enemy in the Cold War.  The Soviets are gone, but their aiders and abettors and comforters are still around, and many of them are now key influencers in American politics, entertainment, academia and news media.  The laws and Executive Orders and regulations which prevent the military from conducting psychological operations on Americans also prevent the military from countering enemy psychological operations conducted against Americans.  

Well, if that is true, why don’t we just change the law?  How do laws get changed?  By the same body that made them.  And what political ideology dominates that body?  Variations and remnants of the same ideology that the Soviets sought to spread.  America defeated the Soviet Union, but freedom and liberty did not vanquish collectivism and cultural Marxism and transnational progressivism.  There are billions of people who can’t forgive us for the fall of the Soviet Union.  Many of them can’t forgive us for liberating Afghanistan and toppling Saddam.  We have to share a country with millions of such.  They are our fellow citizens.  And our military has sworn an oath to protect them, too.

Well, why can’t the President do something?  He tries, but his hands are tied in so many ways.  The Soviet technique of demonizing the leader  started long before he took office.  He has not had the support of a large portion of his constituency for most of his terms in office.  He has had opportunities to assume and exercise vast and sweeping dictatorial powers, but has chosen not to.  He has a bully pulpit, but for reasons unclear to many of us uses it poorly.  As a strategic communicator, he leaves a lot to be desired.  He doesn’t punish his domestic enemies and break them of their bad habits.  He is what he is.  We accomplish little busting on him.

Why aren’t Other Government Agencies countering the enemy propaganda? That’s a very good question.  I don’t know.  I suspect it’s because they don’t see much chance for success.  Far too many would not welcome success.  The President’s leadership of OGA strategic communications efforts does not appear to me to place much emphasis on counter propaganda.  Maybe he is a victim of psychological operations, and is beaten before he starts.  Or maybe he knows his hand is weak, and folds.  Or maybe he is waiting on us. 

The counterpropagandist must know the terminology of propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, opposing information, the counter propaganda process, propaganda analysis, preventative actions, propaganda techniques, and counter propaganda techniques.  Still want to be one?  Stay tuned.



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40 responses to “School of the Counterpropagandist

  1. Grimmy

    Sign me up, please.

  2. Grimmy

    Initial thoughts.

    1. There are those who may want to join up with you on this that would be put off by seeing my name in comments. If that’s the case, for the good of the cause, but I would ask for read only permits so that I can work at keeping up to speed.

    2. Hasn’t counter propaganda campaigns, traditionally, been more a grassroots type operation, rather than a gov agency thing? Asking. Not sure on history of this, other than TV and movies.

    3. Shouldn’t this be a closed forum ? Anyone’s screeny that gets associated with an site such as this will be easily discredited by the simple word “propaganda”. Most folk have very little ability to actually understand the concept or discriminate between one form or the other.

    4. Will it be possible to have primers and lesson plans, or discussions with actually knowledgeable folk in various strategic aspects of this war? I’ve been shooting off at the mouth a lot in defense of the efforts, past and present by invoking logistics issues and such, but really I’m just shooting from the hip and guessing my way through the arguments. I imagine I’ve done more to discredit myself, rather than win over folk’s opinions.

  3. I’m in. Got lots of free time for the present to read, write, and analyse, and act.

    You’re pretty much spot on in the analysis of our current situation. As I’ve heard people say, most peoples historical frame of reference begins on the day they were born. We’ve got an enemy now that has a frame of reference going back centuries. Most Americans can’t tell you who was President in 1966. Pretty damned sad, ain’t it.

    Well I think there are enough of ‘us’, and by ‘us’ I mean the ones who have thought the long term of this no doubt decades long struggle.

    It’s going to be a long, tough slog to defeat this enemy and there won’t be any treaty signing at the end of it. The only way we’ll know is that the islamic fascists won’t be able to kill any more of us.

    So let me know how I can be of assistance.

    Semper Fi.

  4. RFW

    The Soviets are gone but that doesn’t mean that active propaganda here has stopped. Left wing groups seem to be everywhere in this country and well funded too considering their base support is pot smoking ex-hippies. English is a common language and our media is wide open. It would not surprise me if a handful of internet posters were Russian, Chinese, or Iranian.

  5. There’s nothing to sign, Grimmy. Lurk all you want. You got here first, and you haven’t pissed me off yet, so anybody who has heartburn with you being here
    will either get over it or not come back.

    From what I know of strategic counterpropaganda specifically for the domestic target audience, in WWI and WWII the government worked with film makers, writers and illustrators to produce posters and pamphlets and leaflets and movies and op ed pieces. All media was on the government’s side in those wars.

    A closed forum won’t get the views I need. Time is short. Commenters are free to use whatever screen name they like.

    Open source primers and lesson plans may be linked to and posted here as I find them, or as commenters share them with us. As to actually knowledgable folk commenting here, that would be great, but I have no way of promising that. We have had actually knowledgable people comment here before. Many of the actually knowledgable people won’t approve of what we are trying to do. That’s fine. Them coming here to tell me how jacked up I am just brings more hits.

    Lurker, at this particular point, what I need from you is OSINT. What I know is tactical PSYOP (and I don’t know it all that well). What I need is a strategic PSYOP SME. If you have the time, maybe you can become that guy.

  6. Grimmy

    I am on the sick, lame or lazy list and get my daily ration by sucking off the government tit, so I have all the time needed.

    For background, in case there’s interest, I am former USMC. School trained first as 0351, then later as 0231. I did get 3 months OJT as an 0251 as well.

    I have been out and about on various blog comment areas and forums trying to do this type operation since 9/11, but in a rather hamfisted, hyper angry, belligerent and largely ignorant sort of manner.

    I am currently attempting to reform my ways. I look forward to learning how to help folk back onto the side of the angels, rather than just pissing them off and beclowning myself.

  7. StarCMC

    I’m in – as much as I can be. I don’t have a lot of free time now that school’s back in session. But I’ll do what I can. Our troops deserve no less — after all, they’re willing to give all for us. I’m bookmarking now…


  8. Grimmy

    googled >history islam terror< (minus the )

    The speeches by the POTUS, reports to congress, testimony submitted to various senate committies and sub committies, CRS reports on regional issues and background from embassies, and lots of info through Library of Congress.

    The LoC items come in pages of links to relevant news reports, books, web postings. There’s also historical background from the Country Studies database that is time sensitive and the cache purges 24 hours after search.

    >history wahhabi<
    is another good one.
    The Country Studies database on Saudi Arabia gives some interesting history on the beginnings of islam and it’s foundation in expansionist warfare.

  9. StarCMC

    Grabbed the reading material and I’ll try to read it over the next couple of days while I’m out of town.

    Stay safe, Cannoneer.


    Thanks for your post on Free Republic today, Cannoneer. I have you bookmarked now and I’ll be back.


    Cannoneer, can you disclose where in the world this site originates?

  12. 300winmag

    I didn’t need any propagandizing after September 11. What I saw and heard was enough.

    I really believe part of the problem is that Americans now lead such a sheltered life that they can’t conceive of a bullet, bomb, or hijacked jetliner having much affect on them. If you need to be TOLD you’re in danger, you’re also susceptible to being TOLD it was your fault all along.

    We also have the problem with the elites in this country. Despite their armored SUVs and hired (or taxpayer-supplied) armed guards, they project the image that the greatest power in the universe is a smart lawyer and a crooked judge. If there is a war at all, they want every round blessed by a JAG off-icer before it is fired. And that’s only if it is based upon a warrant being issued by the FISA court.

    This was the policy established by the Clinton Crime Cartel, which developed the doctrine of “acceptable level of terrorism”. Terrorism (especially the islamic kind) was defined away with such handy tools as the “wall of separation”. It continues to this day with the leftists on the Supreme Court inverting the meaning of the Geneva Conventions, and proclaiming every armed enemy on the planet has the rights of an American citizen in a criminal case.

    It took about two weeks after September 11 for the clintonistas to realize that they needed to blame everything on Bush, and American in general. Otherwise, their leftist agenda, and their lust for power, would be as dead as the Whig party.

  13. I am fond of that series of posts on the Counterjihad Infowar. Fifth Generation Warfare: Conspiracy and Shadow Government is another one worth reading. It ties into a bunch of other posts that got linked into it from various 5GW fans.

    Anyway, the point of the 5GW post is that the Gramscian/Stalinist project to debase English & American culture was a 5GW operation and must be countered by a more kinetic form of warfare. 5GW can be boiled down to an ideological transformation of the enemy. It takes a long time to work, if it works as intended. 4GW (morale operations against leftists and jihadists) down to 1GW (massacre of leftists and jihadists, killing their families and animals, burning their homes, poisoning the wells and salting the earth, or nuking them) will work faster. Conservatives are not barbaric savages, unlike the Stalinist and Jihadist enemies. Nor do they wish to live in a Stalinist system or under the soul-crushing oppression of Sharia. So some middle way must be found.

    Morale operations can begin right now. All morale operations to lift up the good guys, make the bad guys doubt themselves, mistrust their senses, and fight among themselves, are in bounds.

    Convert and recruit among the people. Innoculate the people against the sweet lies and blandishments of the bad guys. Leftists should be recruited to the good guys’ side on the issues they already agree with. Muslims should be recruited to atheism or Christianity. I prefer Christianity, myself. But never to Paganism, for modern Paganism is unfortunately as nihilist as Islam.

    Gramscian/Stalinist and Jihadist ideology must be identified, shown for what it truly is by one group of truth-tellers, relentlessly ridiculed by a group of jesters, and demonized by a third group of rabble-rousers.

    The law can be used against the Muslim Brotherhood plan for conversion of the US. They are sitting ducks for some class-action sexism and harrassment lawsuits, and this sort of attack should commence immediately.

    Good quality Arabic-English and English-Arabic machine translation needs to be made available for free. Classic books in English need to be made available in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and other languages of Muslim lands.

    Macaca moments need to be recorded and exploited against leftists and jihadists among us.

    Critical theory, deconstructionism, post-modernism and other means of debasing English language philosophy and literature must be crushed using the same means. Our great stories must be redeemed, re-read, and taught to our kids.

    I don’t advocate kinetic operations. That’s for the military and paramilitary police units to handle.

    The leftists have already lost the state that they believed in. Stalin’s USSR is gone. Nobody other than Putin wants it to come back. The Jihadists are fighting against their own demographic collapse. Iran and Saudi Arabia fertility rates will drop below replacement level by mid-century. China and Japan are already in full collapse. And every single Muslim in the Muslim world can look around them and see exactly how successful Islam is as a system. They are being kicked around the block by the English speaking peoples. The English speaking peoples are the greatest generators of wealth and opportunity in the world, and all we have to do is reclaim what is innate within us to regain our momentum.

  14. StarCMC

    Homework done. ‘The Blogosphere at War’ was excellent! I am always amazed by the “thinkers” who can put two and two together and can see trends developing.

  15. Grimmy


    Don’t forget to spread the word. Post the link around and about the internet.

    The more citizen volunteers that decide to pitch in, the more that can be achieved in pushing back against the enemy propagandists.

  16. Mary in LA

    Count me in.

  17. StarCMC

    Maybe a new tagline or sig line on websites we post on — linked to this blog. Good idea Grimmy.

  18. I’m there. Just forwarded this to a local talk show host for perusal. they are the ones with the big voice and the most effective means of moving this forward is get as many of them aon board as possible.

    Commentators like Malkin, Ingram, Coulter, et al. Should be directed here and anyone else you can think of.

  19. Blogs are show prep for talk radio talent. Anybody who lives in a market with decent LOCAL talk radio can call in during the program and mention some of the things we have been talking about.

    The top radio talent don’t necessarily have to come here. What is good here can be posted in other places. More eyes on the topic = more brainpower applied.

    What we really need, PsyOp, is a bigger blog, with half a dozen smart people posting every day, and lots of commenters, and lots of lurkers posting links to it all over the blogosphere, and some video-ready articulate spokespeople. An online headquarters for a virtual information militia.

    But that is several orders of magnitude above my level of competence.

  20. Grimmy

    Cannoneer No. 4:

    Do you want us linking to information here in the comments? Or is there some way to properly vet information for accuracy and legitimacy first?

    I run across much stuff on a regular basis that appears to apply, but in all honesty, I don’t have a deep enough knowledge base to properly sort out what’s totally accurate from general ballpark stuff.

  21. C4: It wouldn’t be that hard to start up a multi-author blog. We could start with one on wordpress. I’d be willing to contribute.

  22. Wolf Pangloss, your contribution would be highly valuable. What would we call this new blog? I can barely keep this one going, so I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge, myself, but I would be happy to encourage, aid, facilitate and assist.

    What would really be great would be The Counterpropaganda Blog, similar to The Counterterrorism Blog, but who are the leading lights of the counterpropaganda field, and how would we interest them in blogging there?

  23. Grimmy, posting whatever you have in the comments is fine with me. I don’t have any way to properly vet information for accuracy and legitimacy, myself, but the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere does a fairly good job of that.

    Nobody can be an expert on everything, but if real experts pick up on inaccuracies, us non-experts can assist in forcing corrections.

  24. Grimmy

    Roger that, sir.

  25. StarCMC

    Bumping to let you know I’m keeping up.

  26. JT Day

    I’m in! I remember the original CIDG from ‘Nam. Great bunch of tough little MF’s. “Kicking Racks Golph” was their radio call sign.

    But I have one favor to ask: The second line above says “America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war. America is at the mall.”

    I know for a fact that the US Army is also be involved in the war. How about credit where credit is due.

  27. Tell it to the Marines, JT.

    Actually, the Marines and the Army get along fairly well by now.

  28. JT Day

    FYI: Many (Including yours truly) will be in DC for the Gathering of Eagles counter-protest of the leftist b@stards who are trying to win the war on the homefront. I hope this gets a kind word from the CIIDG.

  29. DeltaBravo

    I’d say this is an excellent idea, but for many reasons is must and should come from the American people at the grassroots level. I think you’re being a little hard on the US Gov’t for not spearheading this. But there are legal reasons why this is not doable. I believe it’s illegal for the gov’t to mount any propaganda campaign in this country. Isn’t that a leftover from those idjuts that took control in the ’70s and gutted our intel capabilities and made things that were done during WWII to win that war completely illegal now?

  30. I have pretty much given up on the US Gov’t as far as domestic counterpropaganda goes. Now there are elements of the Gov’t that do great things, but taken as a whole our Gov’t’s ability, or ANY Gov’t’s ability to respond quickly to hostile information operations is degraded by politics, bureaucracy, lawfare, and the natural tendency of pogues to patiently twiddle their thumbs while waiting for permission to do something about it.

    Better to ask forgiveness than seek permission.

    It’s not illegal for the Gov’t to mount a propaganda campaign, it’s just that large and powerful players within our Gov’t would oppose any effort to bolster American will.

  31. DieHard the Hunter

    Greetings from DownUnder, and goodonya!

    I will quietly observe and lend my support where I can. Regrettably, for obvious reasons I can do no more than that at present.

    Thank God for America, and God Bless Her.


  32. Welcome, DieHard.

    How does the Australian press cover your troops? I know the SASR is in Afghanistan doing adventurous things, and I have dined with Diggers in Kuwait and Baghdad, but the Australian contribution to the Coalition is not easily found on the North American end of the internet.

    This American is glad Australia is with us.

  33. starcmc

    Ditto that, Cannoneer! The Aussies have been good allies! Thank God for them.

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