It’s Good To Be Missed

More people noticed my absence than I thought would. I have let this blog slide, but I have been totally fixated on R&R, either fantasizing about taking it, going to it, enjoying it, or coming back from it. The lovely and talented Cannonette adjusted my attitude, cured my testosterone poisoning, and restored my depleted stock of joy and happiness as we enthusiastically celebrated our release from celibacy. We took a road trip to the Rockies, just the two of us. The price of gas in the States is outrageous. And yet there are people running around saying this is a war for oil. Listened to a lot of talk radio while driving. I used to listen to Neal and Rush and Sean all day, but they aren’t easy to get out here, so I had forgotten what demogogues they were. Sean and Rush demonstrated the power of talk radio in the killing of the amnesty bill. Too bad the talkers can’t whip up the same outrage over the upcoming stab in the back in Iraq. Out here in Anbar, the war is going fairly well. You know how I know? The incoming doesn’t come in anymore. The Retrograde Yard has fewer destroyed vehicles in it. There are fewer helos dropping off casualties. Things are getting better where I’m at. I’m winning my part of the war. The people around me are winning their part of the war. There are successes all over this country, but, back in the rear, one Aw, Shit erases 100 Attaboys, and all al Qaeda has to do is set off a bomb and the NYT/WAPO/LAT/CNN/PMSNBC/ABC/NBC/SeeBS branches of al Jazeerah wail and gnash their teeth about how we can’t win, we’re in a quagmire, the Surge has failed, we must cut & run, yadda, yadda, et cetera, et cetera, yessir, yessir three bags full. And way too many of my fellow Americans are ready to pull the plug on us. Us’ns out here are winning our part of the war, but y’all in the rear are letting us down. Y’all ain’t doing YOUR part to resist the enemy propaganda. Y’all ain’t doing YOUR part to hold defeatists accountable for their treachery. Y’all ain’t doing YOUR part in providing our leadership with some FOLLOWERSHIP!

Yeah, I know. It’s all Bush’s fault. Keep telling yourself that.

It’s 116 degrees Farhenheit. You think I sound cranky?


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