Why Cannonette Blogs

We all have our reasons.  Some need to get the word out, some need to hear that their views are shared by others, some just need to hear their own voice.  Some people just love to talk, but I blog because someone I care about can’t.  I really don’t like to blog because I feel that my skills are sorely lacking, and who in the world wants to hear another voice that is only sharing her opinion?  I blog for my Darling Husband, (that embarrasses him when the world knows my pet names for him) he is such a talented writer, (I’ve been reading his stuff for years),  he writes so vividly, he has had short stories written,  news letters and all kinds of Blogs and articles.   He is just very talented.  He and my children are very verbal and,  well,  lets just put it simply:  they’re “Shit-house Lawyers.”  I’m sure many of you out there have one of those at home.   Lucky me,  I married one then bred 4 more just like him.  Me, I can’t argue myself out of a wet paper bag.   Hell,  my Dog (Ivan the Terrier, a ratty) argues with me and wins, so you can see why I ask the question “who is going to listen to what I have to say?”

Well Cannoneer No. 4 wants me to go the MilBlog Conference.  I’m going,  but I’m going for him and a chance to see DC in the spring,  too.  I am not comfortable speaking to large groups.   Oh I can talk to a group of 10 or 15 but anything larger and I start to hyperventilate.  But I do feel the need to share my feelings; on how I feel the war is going and how it breaks my heart that so many people just don’t seem to care that our troops there need everyone’s support and how the MSM is so Bush-deranged they can’t see the forest for the trees.  Maybe while there I can learn how others are dealing with this and see if I can pick up some ways to help with the situation.  I just know that if we the unwashed masses don’t get it together we are going to lose this war.   Not on the ground but in the newspapers and TV because these people are really that mean and hateful when it comes to anything Bush does or says.

It’s so important that “WE” the people, counter all the negative information that  The Taliban, Al Queada and the MSM are putting out there.  We have to let our fellow countrymen know that all that they read and see on TV  is not necessarily true.

How can we do this?  By talking to people, Blogging, by finding stories that the bad guys are putting out and proving them false.  We can do this!  Our military can’t.   It’s against the law (Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 ) for our military to conduct counter – propaganda here in the States. 

This war is fought on so many levels.  We can help our troops my waging our own counter-propaganda here in the states.  Smith-Mundt doesn’t apply to us.  Democrat Senators can’t deny us promotion.  The House Armed Services Committtee can’t defund our program.   We’re irregulars, and we do this on our own time, for free.

We just need to get the truth out there so the people can judge for themselves.    If we don’t help solve this problem the bad guys are going to win. 



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4 responses to “Why Cannonette Blogs

  1. FbL

    Cannonette, Though I’ve seen Cannoneer around the blogs, I didn’t realize until just now that he had a blog and that you were going to the MilBlog Conference.

    I’m so glad you’re gonna be there, even though you’re a bit nervous about it! Don’t worry, everyone is very nice; If last year’s is any indication, I think you’ll find it to be an amazing experience.

    I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Fbl,
    Thank you, for your very kind words. I’m looking forward to meeting all the nice people who have commented on our blog.
    Look forward to meeting you

  3. Looking forward to finally meeting you!!

  4. You said, “[S]o you can see why I ask the question ‘who is going to listen to what I have to say?’.” I think your writing is likeable and compelling.