Another Enemy Perception Management Success

 People who wish to see American power in the world reduced are working together to bring that about.  From Strategy Page  —  When Realities Collide:

March 22, 2007: The U.S. Marine Corps exceeded its recruiting goals by six percent last month, but sees problems with expanding its strength from 175,000 to 202,000 over the next five years. The marines want to maintain high recruiting standards, but are faced with possibly wearing out troops because of too many tours   in combat zones. There’s also the relentless defeatism of the American media. This merely perplexes marines, but it is discouraging more and more potential recruits.

Young marines, who are often the best recruiters, are increasingly encountering civilian friends and acquaintances who have a completely unrealistic idea of what’s going on over in Iraq. The marines try to explain that the enemy is real, and evil, and that for the many Iraqis, who are victims of the Islamic terrorism, what the marines do is very much appreciated. But the U.S. media has created a mythical Iraq, where U.S. troops are unwelcome interlopers, and valiant Iraqi freedom fighters sacrifice themselves to expel the foreign invaders. What the marines see is that 97 percent of the people getting killed over there are Iraqis, and most of those are victims of terrorist attacks. The marines also come across things like most of the terrorists getting paid for their work. That buys people willing to kill women and children, and destroy schools, Mosques and hospitals.

Potential recruits are confused, as are their parents. Recruiters are increasingly losing good prospects because of the confusion. At least that’s what marines, and soldiers,  report. Officially, the Marine Corps simply foresees difficulty in expanding the force.

This is what happens when a government permits the enemy unrestricted access to the nation’s media, fails to recognize and punish sedition, and outlaws any effort by regularly constituted information operators to mitigate the damage done to the morale and objective reasoning of the American domestic target audience.  The enemy’s propaganda MUST  be countered somehow, or America will not be able to recruit and maintain the military force we need to fight the war in Mesopotamia instead of in Manhattan.  This successful psychological preparation of the battlefield will reduce our options in responding kinetically to future threats, which is exactly what al Qaeda, Baathist loyalists,  the Mahdi army, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan,  Hezbollah, the Taliban, ANSWER,  the Left, and a significant part of the majority party in Congress all want.
I propose that amateur, unpaid, volunteer, citizen information operators take up the task of domestic counter propaganda.  If we don’t, who will?Cannoneer No4


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