Death of a Sea Knight

Feb. 7, 2007, smoke and flame rise from the crash site of a U.S. military CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter which went down about 30 kilometers (20 miles) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq.  

 Been real busy lately.  Blogging has not been a priority, but this story personally affects me.  This is enemy information operations integrated with enemy anti-aircraft fires, much like how the Soviets integrated artillery with signals intelligence for Radio-Electronic Combat to bring fires on command, control and communications centers within minutes after they keyed the mic.  Rotary wing aviation is how people get from one FOB to another because IED’s make road movement too risky for routine travel.  Next time I get out of here will probably be on a helicopter.   The introduction by the Iranians of  SA-16 and SA-18 shoulder-fired surface to air missiles, or Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) complicates my life.  It has ended the lives of seven of my neighbors.  I didn’t know them personally, but I probably saw them in the chow hall.

Watch The Hell of Christians and Apostates in Iraq and judge for yourself the power of the camcorder.

The following analysis  provided by Lightfighter Moderator Abu Buckwheat:

Start Video Cut:
The video from “The Islamic State of Iraq” (aka the ex-Mujahideen Shura Council, the umbrella foreign fighters command led by AQIZ) is 2 mins 31 second long, with a 5 second intro

ARABIC IN HERE “The Farqan Foundation presents the … (by the Farqan foundation for Global Victory)”

“Shoot down of an American helicopter Type: Chinook in Anbar Province – Karma district. 2/7/2007.”

Video analysis

00:16 second we have a helicopter flying directly into a small hand held camera at an estimated altitude of 1000 feet maybe 2-3 km away. The handycam with the video team (V/T) is at Zero zoom on the optical or digtal zoom then goes to its 6- or 10x zoom to focus on acft.

Aircraft is a haze grey colored Ch-46 Sea Knight, not a Ch-47 Chinook. Aircraft’s course is steady.

00:35 Videographer zooms back and reveals he is in tall sage/wheat colored wheat field 3-5 feet high. Plants identified by a landscape architect as uncultivated and unmaintained wheat. In corner of the frame a dark OD tube with two yello bands is partially visible (Op comment: estimate this is the MANPAD)

00:38 The Helicopter is 1-2 km away. With very little optical zoom on the camera. The helo is directly overhead at a altitude of approx 1000 feet.

00:49 Helo starts to bank hard to Starboard (Op comment [makes a right turn] …for a Phrog its significant turn). small puff of black smoke from forward area of cockpit indicates that the starbord door gunner has started engaging an unident target on the ground. Video team (V/T)is still 45 degrees off starboard beam of helo’s nose. Helo is turning away from his position. (Op comment: helo turn may indicate it is reacting to small arms fire from ground)

01:02 helo is directly overhead V/T after making a 45 degree course change off the initial course heading. Helo is directly passing over V/T. Note helo stern loading ramp is down.

01:12 Helo executes a HARD startboard turn.

01:16 V/T is directly astern of helo.

01:17 MANPAD launch. Missile fires approx 100 meters to right of V/T. Missle guides and corrects to acft. Msl initially tracks to starboard side as helo banks. Missle flight time est 1.5 seconds of flight after boost.

01:18 Explosive impact on stern ramp in orange fireball. Not a proximity hit. Stern main wheel assemblies separate from aircraft.

01:30 (dely due to slow motion replay) Aircraft banks to Port. Stern aircframe below rotors aflame. All rotors operating.

01:40 Estimate emergency water landing bladders aflame.

01:40-01: 56 Aircraft drops nose and flames partially extinguish. Aircraft is steady flight with fulll power in rotors.

01:56 – Pilot (Op comment: poss. autorotating)flares off main rotors, smoke trail beaks up.
(op comment: may be trying to avoid 33kv main power pylons seen at 02:25)

02:13 aircraft being consumed by flame while in steady controlled flight.

02:22 Aircraft passes power pylons. Quickly starts to roll to starboard. Aft consumed in heavy flame.

02:23 aircraft rolls to starboard, and leave controlled flight. Rotors detach. Airframe drops approx 200 meters to ground in flames.

02:31 End of video cut.

The Soviets couldn’t sustain themselves in Afghanistan after the mujahadeen got Stingers.

Video captures valor of Jennifer Harris

Marine pilot from Big Bear City dies in Iraq 

Two sailors identified in CH-46 crash in Iraq

Two Pendleton Marines ID’d among dead in helicopter crash


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  1. Good write up on the crash, I few CASEVAC in CH-46’s and the crash struck us all at Miramar fairly hard. Take care.