What was America Thinking?

I’m the kind of girl who see the world as a glass half full.  Cannoneer sees the world as a glass half empty.  That’s alright we work very well together.  This past election has really gotten him down.  So I have been trying my best to find the silver lining in the big rain cloud. 

We can be glad that Bill or Hillary aren’t in the White House.   The Dems will be so worried about the ’08 elections they won’t have time to mess up too much.  So far that’s all I could come up with.

I have a question for all those who vote Dem? Do you not read? Watch the History Channel?  What does it say about us when Al Qaeda says “Thank you America”  for voting Democrat?  The Dems were in charge in 1975, look what happen to Vietnam, a Dem was president when The Iranians took over the US Embassy in Tehran, when they almost sank the Cole, when they blew up Khobar Towers,  when we cut and ran from Somalia.   All these defeats while Dems in were in power. What makes Americans think that we won’t just repeat the same lame excused crap as we did when they were in power before.? The Dems have proven to the most corrupt, lazy do nothing except line their own pockets and their friends’ pockets,  group ever.   Yet millions of people voted for them?  What were you thinking America?  I fear for the safety of my boys, all 4 of them, I have 2 in Iraq, 1 in Kuwait and 1 who just finished Basic Training.  What is going to happen to them when the Dems cut all funding?  Or Bug out?  Doesn’t America remember how terrible it was for all the GI’s and their families when all GI’s were labeled “Baby killers” ,”Rapist” and worse?  Our GI’s are good, loyal, hard working people who truly believe they are doing what is right.  And Thank God they (for the most part) do not listen to all the Crap the MSM is spreading. 

MI5 has been reporting how the bad guys are going to try to do something over the Holidays.  I pray they don’t succeed! For I truly believe that the  Democrats  in charge will blame Bush for it and nothing will get done but pointing fingers and blame others.

WE still have work to do!  Don’t be disheartened!  The MSM has won this battle.   They have yet to win the war.  We need to keep on fighting (I know this is silly) for Truth, Justice and the American way.   As Cannoneer will tell you and he has told everyone he knows I’m a old fashion girl, who believes that the world is really a good and wonderful place and if we just try really hard good things will happen.  He calls me Miss Suzy Sunshine! 


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