The End of the Beginning

Saw this on Free Republic and was so impressed (and DE-pressed) I asked Flame Thrower for permission to repost it here:

If it’s any consolation, this is not the beginning of the end of Western civilization. It is the end of the beginning… of the end of Western civilization.

Three years ago, I wrote a screed called Tet II in which I predicted that American liberals would once again turn victory into defeat – this time in Iraq.

But Bush did not crack, and I found myself actually daring to hope that our Captain MacWhirr would, out of sheer unimaginative stubbornness, tame the coolies in the hold and outlast the typhoon.

Oddly, it was a storm that dashed that hope. Not a typhoon, but a hurricane. Katrina. The delayed result of those breached levies: we will soon enter the new Dark Ages.

I am not blaming this election. It is a result more than a cause. But there are irreversible moments in history, moments after which the toothpaste cannot ever be put back into the tube. We are in such a moment.

Bush seemed about to confront the crisis five years ago. But the war – not the war in Iraq, but the war here over Iraq – undermined his efforts and distracted him from the task. He must take some of the blame for that. Now, we have just elected the team least likely to tackle the job and instituted policy gridlock where we need urgent action. Looking back it was probably all inevitable. It is about who we are. Our failings as a people.

Let me assert a couple of simple facts. I will not try to prove them. They are self evident to reasonable people. Unreasonable people are not my audience, and no proof would suffice for them, anyway.

First assertion: In the modern world of porous borders, massively destructive and easily secreted weaponry, huge concentrations of exposed economic value and apocalyptic religious fundamentalism, preemption is the only viable strategy for combating an implacable terrorist enemy bent solely on destruction. The Maginot Line did not work in two dimensions; it certainly will not in four.

Second assertion, to misquote Captain Segura (Ernie Kovacs): “There are two classes of people: those who can be [terrorized] and those who can’t”. Terrorism only works with the consent of the terrorized. If you refuse to be terrorized, terrorism does not work. If it does not work, it will, eventually, not happen. To allow it to work is to invite it to happen. The successfully terrorized victim serves as accomplice to the terrorist.

The Left invites terrorism. Partly because they are weak in the face of life’s adversities. Partly, here and now, because it suits their tactical political agendas. They are the coolies in the hold, rioting over gold – aboard a ship about to founder.

Our enemy knew that this sort of mutiny is the inescapable curse of the American psyche. That they could call and raise, again and again, in Iraq – backing an obviously losing hand. Inevitably, America would fold.

This knowledge emboldened them to launch, and then to persevere in their insurgency – which grew as the anti-war movement gained strength. And vice versa.

The Left, by sensitizing themselves and us to the terror, became an accomplice – a catalyst in the killing and maiming of thousands of American servicemen. The Left, in turn, directly benefited. The more they could make it appear that our policy in Iraq was “Bush’s failed policy” – even at the cost of causing it to fail – the better their political fortunes, as the election proved.

This is not about incrimination – although it does sound like it, I admit. It is too late for that now. And we can’t, ultimately, blame the Left and its chief weapon, the Media. The failure is ours, the American people’s. With popular sovereignty comes responsibility. We have been tested; and found wanting. Now we will face the consequences. And they will bring us, all of us, more than enough penance.

The impending crisis involves nukes. They are paradigm-shifting weapons that invalidate Segura’s Law. You can maintain a stiff upper lip to the occasional terror bombing, but stoical detachment cannot withstand nuclear attack.

If Iraq had succeeded, it might have aborted this future. Brought Western values to the Middle East and disarmed Iran and North Korea. But now, other radical States will actively seek nuclear technology. Iran will not be disarmed. North Korea will, eventually, dispense its weapons.

In a couple of years, we will have passed the point of no return. The toothpaste will be out of the tube. Terrorists will have nukes. And, inevitably, terrorists will use those nukes on us.

Bush’s strategy was preemption: to attach and destroy the terrorist in their homes before they could muster an attack. To eliminate the festering failed States that sustained them.

We will soon adopt a new course: we will “redeploy” out of Iraq – tail between our legs. And the terrorist will follow us home. The nuclear attacks will be random, unstoppable and devastating.

The British could ignore the destruction of the old Commercial Union Building in London a generation ago. America ultimately shrugged off the Twin Towers five years ago. But New York, Chicago, London, Paris… The loss of entire cities will cripple Western economies and traumatize all civilized peoples. We will be locked in an unwinable asymmetrical war of attrition: our landmark cities for their caves and mud-huts.

The only way to fight terrorism, if you cannot prevent the attacks, is to ignore the effects. – as the British tried to ignore the IRA bombings. The only way to ignore nuclear terrorism is to preemptively “redeploy out of the crosshairs. The great city is the emblem of Western Civilization. Within years they will die – abandoned or incinerated.

But the “redeployment” will not be fast enough, or thorough enough. When the strikes come, the toll will be staggering. A thousand fold or more what we have lost in Iraq. Or on 9/11. Then more millions will die of disease and famine.

The great things we have, as a civilization, built on the Earth over one thousand years will evaporate. We will be left, some of us, to scrape out our bitter existence amidst the ruble in what were the suburbs.

But at least the Left will have succeeded in one thing: eliminating the root cause of Islamic radicalism. The gulf that divides Christendom and the Caliphate. The gulf that energizes their hatred for us. For we and our works will have been laid low.

And then…. Who knows? One guess: dung beetles, muttering “Allah Akbar”, feasting on the remains of Western Civilization.

 by FlameThrower


I’m the one who added the bold type to emphasis some points with which I very strongly agree.   You people think the casualties we have suffered in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom are heavy?  You ain’t seen nothing, yet.



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  1. Flamethrower – all I can say is WOW! Incredible post!

  2. ChgogalNorthsider

    Thanks for posting Flame Thrower’s excellent essay, Cannoneer No. 4. It looks like The Democratic Lead Senate wants to cut n’…., eh hmmmm, redeploy beginning in the next four to six months. Once again the Democrats have engineered a defeat that will echo on for generations to come. Unlike the Democratic Lead Defeat of 31 years ago, this one put us civilians in direct line of fire. I guess we deserve the government we elect.