Trouble in River City

When somebody gets killed in Anbar Province, the Marines make sure that the next of kin hear about it from official sources.  They institute a communications black out known as River City, which cuts off the SPAWAR and AT&T telephones and internet access.  That, and numerous other reasons, (or excuses, if you’d rather), have resulted in a much reduced output of content on this blog.

I started this blog last April with a mission .  I wanted to provide a forum for interested citizen volunteers to explore ways in which the blogosphere and free speech could be used to help the official Information Operations and Public Affairs establishments in countering psychological operations conducted against the American people by terrorist organizations and their sympathizers in the Western media.  I felt then and still feel that the good guys need help with this, and that free Americans citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, not subject to retribution by political masters,  not worried about being called before Congressional committees, unconcerned about promotions being blocked by vengeful politicians in and out of uniform, and unconstrained by political correctness could do for the good guys what the good guys are not allowed to do for themselves.

I am no longer in a position to provide much of a contribution towards that endeavor.  My spare time, internet access, and mental energy are not up to the task of providing content for a readership.  I didn’t come out here to be a blogger.  My readership is so small now that I have remained under the radar,  and that is the best place for me to be right now.  Nobody has told me I couldn’t blog,  but the demands of OPSEC and my own desire for anonymity out here leave me with few innocuous subjects to blog about.  I myself am now subject to many of the same impediments this blog was created to get around.

I’m not going to pull the plug totally on this blog.  The muse may strike and I may write, or not.  The blogroll is still good.  I’d like to thank Starling David Hunter and Harold C. Hutchison  for providing me with the idea and inspiration to blog again.  This is my third attempt as a blogger and probably not my last.  I’ll be in between contracts again some day.  To all the milbloggers blogging from theater,  keep up the good work. 

I’d like to express my appreciation to all who have commented on this blog, and appeal to any readers who may wish to post original content on media bias, milblogging, the Jihadi War, public affairs and information operations, or any other topic that fits here, to contact the lovely and talented Cannonette about posting here.

Check this blog a coupla times a month.  You might find something you like.



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2 responses to “Trouble in River City

  1. Stay safe out there #4. It’s more important that you keep your mind focused on the job at hand than keeping us all “in-the-know” for the time being. Take notes and tell us when you get back.


  2. Will be looking forward to seeing you start up again if/when you’re able!