Sunday Dinner in a DFAC in Iraq

The main chow hall at TQ is the biggest building here, bigger even than aircraft hangars.  It is the land mark I use for navigation on my journeys around this place.  What makes this building so distinctive is the mortar roof.  The mortar roof catches and detonates and absorbs the blast of any mortar rounds that might hit the DFAC so that the diners don’t have to.  Mortar attacks apparently are not an uncommon occurrence here, but the whole place is Hescoed and T-walled and unless you are the poor dumb bastard walking underneath mortar rounds you’ll be OK.  No rockets lately.  I’d rather be rocketed than mortared.  Getting hurt by a rocket is just plain bad luck.  Somebody aims mortars.  Indirect fire is about all us Fobbits have to worry about, unless a suicide bomber gets in.  But here on Tattooine we have everything under control.  Outside the wire the Jawas can get you.

So anyway, I’m sitting in the chow hall finishing my meal and wondering what to blog about and watching the multitude of humanity getting food, eating it, and leaving, and I thinks to me self:  “Self,” says I, “why don’t you blog about the DFAC?”  So here are some observations and ruminations, in no particular order:

Marines have issues with hair.  Not all, but the ones with the Gumby haircuts.  White sidewalls up to the top of the head, then a patch of inch long black Bermuda grass growing out of their scalp.  Who told them that looked cool? 

Where are all the blonde Marine chicks?  Miss Clairol doesn’t work for them? 

If an ass looks good in desert digital cammies, it must be a nice ass.

The DCU is dying out.  The Air Force still wears them until they can start issuing their new tiger stripe clown suit. Some sailors still wear DCU’s.  Most around here wear the desert digital cammies.  Sailors wear funny silver badges pinned to their chests. 

Still a few soldiers at ex-FOB Ridgeway (the Marines had to rename this place), nearly all in ACU’s, so this DFAC presents a multi-uniformed appearence to go with the diversity in the civilian work force.  More on that in another post.  I have overstayed my time limit on this MWR computer, and will have to leave and come back another time.



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4 responses to “Sunday Dinner in a DFAC in Iraq

  1. Khurkris

    A fashion report from chow. Hurry up and wait. Move along, move along. Big news here is the Israel/Hezzie flare up. Looks like Iran pulling strings. Stay low.

  2. Michael

    Does the Cannonette know you’re staring at ACU-clad ass? Well, I guess she does now. 😉

  3. Haven’t heard from you in awhile, I trust that all is well. Can’t wait to read more reports.

  4. james

    more on dfac