So here we are at Taqaddum, the garden spot of Anbar Province.  Big place, as in spread out and a long walk to get anywhere.  A sandy moonscape of a place with barbed wire and Hesco bastions and SWA huts and trailers interspersed with what must have been Iraqi Air Force buildings.  I live in a “can,” a rectangular gray container one bunk wide and 3 bunks long.  The AC works just fine, and the “can” doesn’t flap in the wind like my tent in Afghanistan did.  No Green Beans Coffee shop, no Burger King, no Subway, no Pizza Hut, no Cinnabon, no Popeye’s.  The jarheads out here don’t go for that pogey bait.  Decent chow hall.  Adequate PX.  Good MWR Internet Cafe.  I reckon I’ll get used to this place.

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  1. Khurkris

    Good to see you made it. Glad C-ette is keeping all updated on your “progress.”
    Stay safe.