What a 4th I’ve had!

As y’all know Cannoneer No. 4 is at Camp Victory.  He’s been calling me about 3 or 4 times a day to keep me up on the latest Goat Fornications.  Well today after our 1st call of the day,  4th of July morning for me, I received a phone call from some very strange sounding people, I’m guessing it was some wannabe terrorist.  There was a main voice (male)sounding like he was trying to speak very bad French Arab mix, the only thing I could understand was the word American, and (sorry! I’m not sure if I’m spelling these words right) Shim Allah. There were voices in the back ground, sounded like 3 or 4 other people there, all male voices. Well these Dip Wads called me a total of 7 times.  And basically saying the same thing over and over.

On the last phone call from these lovely people, I finally spoke English to them, (I spoke French, German, Italian and pig Latin during the other phone calls) I asked them to hold on please, the Air Force was trying to get a triangulation on them so they could bomb them! The silly boys just hung up on me.  How very rude!

If they call again I’m going to record their voices (my daughter taught me how to do that on our cell phones) and I guess I should contact the FBI or someone, I’m not really sure who to contact.  During the bombing in London last year I gave a statement to the FBI but I haven’t heard anything since.  I really don’t know who to contact.  I’ll have to look into it!

These people have no idea who they’re messing with, I’ve had to deal with General’s and Colonel’s wives who thought they wore the rank.  These people are pikers in comparison. I’m a strong American woman who was raised in the military.  These boys don’t know who there messing with!



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  1. It is a shame but this has happened to family members of other troops deployed recently too, most notably those from the UK. Definately call FBI and the closest Army CI office. They’re likely aware of the issue generally, but the more data points they can work with the better.

    Best wishes for you and yours.