4th of July

I’m at home watching one of my silly Murder Mysteries. Hercules Poirot.  Missing “My Boys”, all of them.  My husband is in a war zone, my 2nd son is also in a war zone, just different from his dad, my 1st son is at his summer deployment and my 3rd son is at basic training.  My daughter is living the life of the normal college coed, she’s at the pool with her buddies.

So as I sit watching my mystery, I began to ask myself what are all those people who hate “My Boys” doing today.  Are they at Martha’s Vineyard, or maybe at the Cape?  Or are they in some hell hole desert, blisteringly hot field or being yelled at by some drill sergeant.  I doubt it very seriously! 

Today is the day we celebrate our very good fortune to be U.S. Citizens.  We can do almost anything we like (within the law), go where ever we please, worship as we please.  All because we had the very good fortune to have people fight and die for their beliefs.

So what are those people who call “My Boys” very ugly names and accuse them of horrible crimes, doing today?  It really doesn’t matter!  I just hope they stop, and think about why they can say whatever they like and do as they please.  I hope that they say “Thank you” to their ancestors for the wonderful gift they have been granted just to live in this country.

Happy Fourth Of July!

God Bless America and God Bless our Troops



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