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OK! This is my first attempt to blog.  I’m only doing it because Cannoneer No. 4 has called from…well lets just say a yucky place with a lot of sand!  He’s concerned that y’all will stop reading his blog, so I’m here to publish something that will keep you interested. BEWARE!  I have a tendency to ramble on and on.  You have been warned!

I’ll give you a very brief history of your writer, I’m an Army brat (Father NCO Vietnam vet), married an Army officer/now contractor, the mother of 2 Marines and 1 airman. I’ve lived all over Europe and the States.  While in Germany in the ’70’s, terrorism was really big, they liked to blow up my fathers CH-47’s and Huey’s.  In the ’80’s in Germany we would find bombs in the stairwells of our buildings in the housing areas and in 1986 while giving birth to my only daughter (she is not a marine or an airmen, she in college now) at an Army hospital, terrorists blew up the motor pool of the hospital.  The reason I’m tell you all these wonderful facts, is so you understand I’m not like some Mommies, ie… Cindy Sheehan, I’ve been there, done that ,I’ve got the “T” shirts and all the scars that come with being an army brat /wife and mother of 4 children.  I have, ever since I was a very small child in France,  had to deal with terrorism.  It’s just been a fact of life for US citizens who travel through out the world. I told you… I ramble!

I remember watching all the mean hateful things people where saying in the ’60’s and ’70s during the Vietnam war on TV.  I remember having rocks thrown at me while living in Europe during that time.  But what I remember (I was between the age of 6-12 during this time) about the press was they would comment on what other people where saying, not make up or add there snide little remarks.  I may not be remembering it well because a lot of the news was on AFN (Armed Forces Network) Europe. I do remember watching Walter Cronkheit when we lived in the states.  And it just might be my youth at the time but it seem that the MSM tried to be fair or at least to appear fair.  Today I get so angry that I have to turn the TV or Radio off with how hateful the MSM is when talking about the war, Bush or our troops.  It seem that they are whining when we accomplish something positive and just down right evil when we do something they think is negative.  I’m so tired of hearing how the troops are just dumb fools who kill for the heck of it.   I know better, I have lived with these people, gave birth to some of these people, they are good people trying very hard to do the right thing.  Yes, there are some stinkers in every bunch but the majority of our people, troops and contractors are good hard working people who believe that what we are doing is a good thing and really want to help people, get them straighten out, help them establish a better way of life and go home!  Our  people want to do their job, do it well then come home to their families.  I wish that the MSM would stop thinking of how they would do things and understand that our people are good people. who just want to help their world neighbors to have a better life, free from tyranny.  I really believe that the writers of all this nasty, hateful tripe think of what they personally would do and interject their evilness into the stories without even considering what the normal everyday run of the mill humans would do.  Not all reporters are “Flamers”, it’s just that the good reporters are so far and few between.  I mainly watch Fox on cable because I feel I get the most balanced reporting of world events.  If by some freak of nature I watch CNN or network news it just burns my cookies so bad that I throw things at the TV, so I try to avoid it like the plague!

I am just one wife/mommy who wants the world to know that the people they see are really good people who just want to help and then go home.

I have rambled enough for one post!



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  1. Thanks, baby. That was pretty good. I had forgotten all the OAS and Baader-Meinhof Gang and Libyan terrorist crap you have been exposed to in your young life. You were anti-terrorist when anti-terrorism wasn’t cool.

    Now that you have this blogging business figured out, you will need to post sdomething every other day. Be thinking about your next rant.

  2. That was great Cannonette! Welcome to the world o’bloggin’! Word of warning – it’s addictive!