The New Iraqi Minister of Defense Hates CNN

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe tells of Iraq’s new defense minister’s hatred of CNN.

All of a sudden, in clear English, he said I hate CNN.

. . . all they do is talk about negative things, things that are bad, and we have nothing but successes over here. And then he start enumerating the successes, which I can verify, because I’m there all the time. The number, out of 112 battalions, they have 62 of them. That’s over half of them that are either level 2 or level 1. That means they can conduct their own combat. He made the statement, and this is one of the things that he says that CNN and some of the media keeps saying, they keep saying that America is leading them, and we’re in the rear. And he said that’s not true at all. We are leading, and America is offering support. In fact, of the last 500 special operations that took place, 75% of them were led by the Iraqis, not by the Americans. Only 25% were.

You and me, both, General.

The Iraqi Army has come a long way since first Fallujah.  CNN and the rest of the MSM doesn’t want you to know that.  No information that might cause optimism may be allowed to compete with the quagmire doom & gloom cut & run party line.

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3 responses to “The New Iraqi Minister of Defense Hates CNN

  1. I shouldn’t be amazed but I am. I should expect to hear this sort of thing from the Iraqi defense minister but it still surprizes me to hear it so forthrightly said.

    Glad we didn’t have CNN during the Revolution, Civil War, or WWII.

  2. Chgogal

    Iraq and the Coalition Forces need more of these types of facts to be stated clearly, boldly, confidently and often in both the Western and Mid Eastern Press by freely elected/appointed Iraqi officials. I’m hoping for yet undiscovered documents of the Saddam era to be translated describing in detail the unsavory behavior of CNN and the deals that were struck to give us The News We Can Trust or whatever CNN’s slogan is. I always wondered if BBC struck a similar deal?

  3. How do we know that these sort of things haven’t been said previously and we just weren’t told about it because the MSM didn’t think telling us would be helpful?

    Lincoln would have jailed CNN.

    JVERITAS and Ray Robison are working on the documents.