House-to-house warfare in journalism

Spending most of my blogging time over at The Belmont Club lately.  Wretchard’s blog has a lot longer maximum effective range than this microbe in the TTLB ecosystem.  Lots of good comments to several posts.  Wretchard’s been blogging his fingers to the bone lately, and his crew of commenters have had much to say, some of which bears repeating.

Like ledger, at 12:10 AM on Page 53

If you guys want to win the propaganda war you are going to have to take off the gloves.

For every troop besmirching enemy emboldening article you are going to have to name the actual writer and the “news organization” he/she works for – and rebut the story or write the editor.

If the writer or “news rganization” has a history of Anti-American smear articles then you are going to have to make that fact known to the public.

This goes for “stringers” working in the field. Every stringer that works for the AP has a name and location. It may take a little digging but they can be exposed.

This maybe akin to house-to-house warfare in journalism but it has to be done.

Shrinkwrapped says in Conservative Fatigue Syndrome Revisited:

The probability that this war will take decades and be fought on many fronts, some yet to be visible, while being impeded at every step of the way by forces within our own culture as well as the unchallenged propaganda of our enemies, is daunting and exhausting.

Eat your Wheaties, boys and girls.  We have our work cut out for us.  Let not your heart be troubled.  Zarkman is in Hell.  The good guys will be sending more to join him if the ankle-biters don’t trip them up.  Let’s distract the ankle-biters.


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