At their best, milblogs may serve to counteract enemy propaganda

. . . influence positive changes for the Defense Department, educate the public about the military’s culture, people and values, and increase national and international support for the services and their missions.

Don’t tread on my blog: a study of military weblogs (.pdf)

LOOONG story short:

. . . there is no significant difference in the effects of milblogs on public opinion as compared to the mainstream media’s effect on public opinion.  This would indicate that military public affairs professionals should not be concerned with milblogs having a negative effect on public opinion and should encourage the chain of command to allow individuals in the command to produce blogs.  However, all milblogs should continue to be monitored by the military to ensure that they do not include operational security violations, force protection information or violations of the privacy act.

In other words, PA considers milbloggers people of no tactical significance as long as they don’t cause trouble.  When you guys monitor me, how ’bout leave a comment?

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h/t:  In Iraq for 365, via Mrs. Greyhawk

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