A War To Be Proud Of, Warts And All

Victor Davis Hanson:

And here at home? There are few Ernie Pyles in Iraq to record the heroism of our soldiers; no John Fords to film their valor — but legions to write ad nauseam of Abu Ghraib, and to make up stories of flushed Korans and Americans terrorizing Iraqi women and children.

The Haditha courts-martial is out in the Gulf, gathering strength.  It has the potential to be an order of magnitude worse than Abu Ghraib.  It will make land fall in about two weeks, and it will be a Category 5 shitstorm.

IF atrocities have been committed, they are indefensible, but I don’t see how we can remain silent while the usual suspects use Haditha to break the will of the people and force an ignominious and disastrous premature withdrawal.  We can not sit on our hands while the other side slanders the entire Marine Corps and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  We cannot give the anti-war Left unopposed and unrebutted license to dominate the debate. 

Fill your sandbags, board your windows, bone up on the UCMJ and the Manual of Courts Martial, bookmark Good News From Iraq stories and prepare yourself to defend the honor of the Corps. 

Those people on the other side will attempt to convince the uninformed that whatever happened at Haditha was a common practice, that all our warfighters are war criminals who just haven’t been caught yet, that OIF itself was illegal, yada yada etc. etc.   Not much different from what they have being trying to sell all along, but this time they will have more buyers, especially when the pictures are published. 

We can’t defend the indefensible, but we can patiently explain, over and over again, even to the willfully obtuse, that Operation Iraqi Freedom is a noble endeavor, that our Marines and soldiers are honorable warriors who do not tolerate dishonorable acts from within their own ranks, and that the evil done by the few does not negate the accomplishments of the proud.



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5 responses to “A War To Be Proud Of, Warts And All

  1. Dick Matern

    Let me assure VDH that the McGirk version makes for very good fiction and it cannot be said enuf that what he describes re Haditha never happened. There was a firefight described after the bombing (IED) that killed one marine. Undoubtedly those who tried to mix with the Marines took terrible losses. And many people, all of whom were in all probability very hostile to the Marines, were killed. Some of them may not have had weapons, but in a firefight you don’t stop to figure that out. Your buddies are too important to go wobbly on. They had bullet holes and were said to have no external signs of injury? No autopsies were done; all were buried

  2. Dick Matern

    (continued). So by whom were all these people shot? How many were shot? Where are the bodies? Where are the photos? Why was the film produced only 5 months after the event? Were the bullets fired into the children’s corpses before or after they died? It seems the real crime was that no one friendly to the Americans par-ticipated in checking on what the Iraqi doctor, very hostile to the Americans, had to say. Oh, they don’t want to exhume the bodies? Then perhaps their witness amounts to a Dan Rather story being told in this case by McGirk, who with his previous stories has portrayed himself as a full-fledged traitor to his country.

  3. Dick Matern

    (continued) The names of the “witnesses”, and their stories, are all hopelessly jumbled, but of course the evidence was good enuf for BBC. Did it take 5 months to teach the kids what they were supposed to say when they were questioned – so that one of them says this time what another one says he was doing the last time? The written statements of supposed witnesses are full of problems; this after their discharge from prison. We have outstanding behavior from the Marines over the years in Iraq – and this is seen as a marked deviation? Conversely the media of the enemy has been a pattern of never-ending lies and this time they are telling the truth? Unlikely x 2. (conclusion)

  4. Dick Matern

    If they want to make this a propaganda war, then we must go at it. Our boys are innocent, innocent, innocent and if you wish to try them outside the courts, give it back to them. If it weren’t Iraq there is simply no evidence whatsoever for all the allegations and we wouldn’t even be bringing this garbage up. It is laughable. McGirk is laughable, Murtha is laughable. Check it out: sweetness andlight.com, americanthinker.com, rushlimbaugh.com. But let the whole thing be labeled the recycled garbage that it is with as much of the ring of truth to it as Rather’s blather and Joe Wilson’s laugher re: Saddam didn’t really look for yellowcake in Africa. leftbraindementia!

  5. They’re innocent until proven guilty by courts martial, Dick. The Left doesn’t allow that presumption for Marines.

    You may be interested in Haditha- Horror… or Hoax?