Memorial Day 3-Day Weekend vs Nuremberg Rallies

Just finished reading Confront your shame, and honor the heroes over at Tigerhawk. (h/t: Iowahawk Eric @ Grim’s Hall) and it got me to thinking, “Why, in a country at war, is Memorial Day not a bigger deal?”  Then I answered my own question.  Hop over to  read Tigerhawk, and come back so what I am about to say makes sense. 

What should we be doing on Memorial Day?   Here’s a radical idea:  we should go to work Monday morning just like it was a regular Monday, and get off at lunch time for the afternoon to participate in commemoration ceremonies.  If you don’t have a ceremony to attend, stay at work. 

What kind of ceremonies?  Depends on the community.  I know what I’d like to attend, and later on I’ll tell you why such events meet with such resistance.

Imagine you and your kids have the afternoon off, with the expection of your employer and their school that you’re going to be attending The Ceremony.  You all drive down to the biggest football stadium in your town.  Traffic control on the public street provided by the Police Reserve, Sheriff’s Posse, and Law Enforcement Explorers.  Traffic control in the parking area provided by Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, Civil Air Patrol, and State Guard/Defense Force.  As you and the kids walk from the car to the stadium, you run a gauntlet of military vehicles and artillery pieces on static display, both current issue and antique, cleaned up, with signs describing what they are and what they do, and a real National Guardsman or living historian in the appropriate uniform on hand to answer questions.  Near the entrance, a platoon of blue-belly Yankees are drilling.  In the tunnel  are  posters with  the names of every soldier from your town to die in a war, and which war.

The event would start with the National Anthem of course, and a huge flag being raised, and patriotic songs, recruits taking the oath of enlistment, fly overs of classic warbirds or whatever the Air Guard, Air Force, Navy or Marines could put up, marching bands, drill teams,  speechifying by the oldest veteran in town who can still speak coherently, and a special reviewing stand for the Gold Star mothers.

It would end with cannons firing a 21-gun salute, followed by a real bugler with a real bugle playing Taps.

Events such as this would stir hearts.  Events such as this would reinforce resolve.  Events such as this would be bitterly excoriated as Bushitler propaganda. 

I’ve been to Nuernberg.   I’ve been to Zeppelin Field.  2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment called it Soldier’s Field.  The Nazi eagle was blasted off in 1945.  It is because of what happened there that Americans have to go fishing all weekend instead of remembering the sacrifices that have been made for them and contemplating whether they are worthy of such.

See also Go and Find a Soldier’s Grave (H/t: Greyhawk)

Meaning Of Memorial Day from chcknhawk at No End But Victory.


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