Cry Havoc

Marie Brenner, a writer-at-large for Vanity Fair magazine whose reporting career began against the backdrop of the Watergate era, said Saturday that war is being waged against this nation’s press and journalists must stand together to turn back assaults on their freedoms.

 Schadenfreude ist gut, kameraden. 

“The atmosphere against the press right now is as onerous as I can ever remember it,” Brenner said after her speech.

At the same time, she said, newspapers are facing declining readership, and all members of the mainstream media are seeing their credibility attacked on Web logs, or “blogs.”

“This many-headed ombudsman” can serve a useful purpose by acting as a rapid-response fact-check team and demanding accountability from the press, Brenner said. But bloggers often put forth the news with a partisan slant, she said, and “more and more Americans now receive their news through these partisan channels.”

My heart pumps piss, Marie.

At my signal, unleash Hell.

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  1. Thanks, one more warrior in the war for The Truth. With The Truth, we can win this war of the minds and electorate. Make no mistake, this propaganda by the left is deeply entrenched in ignorance a-la Noam Chomsky.