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A vulnerable and confused young man named Jesse MacBeth allowed himself to be used as a tool in  an anti-war video produced by an outfit called Peace Films, which was on their website yesterday.  As of 232000Z MAY, the video was still up on YouTube. It’s up on Hot Air. Watch a few minutes of it if you haven’t yet.  The powerhouse of the military arc of the blogosphere, Milblogs, was all over this yesterday, and demonstrated the power of subject matter experts with keyboards in debunking bogus bullshit before it could be picked up by the MSM and disseminated globally.

[Slightly off topic:  As I write this, I’m listening to Greyhawk and Smash on Right Talk internet radio. Makes it tough to concentrate.]

This was a psychological operation run by the anti-war people, (you know, Cindy Sheehan, Charlie Sheen, ANSWER, and now the Vietnam Iraq Veterans Against the War), which, had it not been debunked so quickly and decisively, would have been picked up by the NY Slimes and CNN and seen in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan.  People would have died over that.  17 people died in riots in Jalalabad last year over Newsweak’s Koran-down-the-toilet lie.  The rapid debunking of this propaganda saved lives.

This episode, in my mind, validates my whole concept of a Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group, a network of Fighting Keyboardists, active duty, retired, former military, and interested civilians blogging and linking and commenting and blogswarming the poser before he could get any traction.  This is how enemy psyops directed at domestic audiences can be countered.  Scanners find, pass it to SME’s, and the findings are cussed, discussed, fact checked, validated and disseminated within HOURS.  This kind of celerity, cooperation and coordination is distributed IO.  The DoD IO/PA apparatus can’t do this like we can.

Free Republic thread here.

UPDATE:  The Video was gone from YouTube when I checked at 240545Z.  This video has been removed by the user.

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UPDATE: This guy is even dumber than you ever imagined. If that link doesn’t work it probably was pulled down.



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3 responses to “Poser Police

  1. roaddog727

    “distributed IO”

    Damn. Sweet phrase. I wish I had coined that term.

    You are absolutely right. DOD is not formally equipped to deal with these brush-fire propaganda pieces. We, OTOH, constantly sweep and monitor for just this kind of thing.

    Distributed IO. Truly the future of Phase 0 Activities.

    Rock on!

  2. He’s right C4. Great phrase. Great article.

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