The Government of Iraq

American troops parade through liberated Rome

The actual role of the United States in resolving these security issues will be great. But as a matter of principle, the troubles are now an internal matter of a sovereign Iraqi government; and whether or not the problems are successfully resolved is ultimately a challenge that Iraqis will have to meet. They may fail or succeed, but it will increasingly no longer be America’s responsibility. Some will argue that it must needs remain America’s responsibility, because the US toppled Saddam. Yet at some point in the process, if the words “Iraqi Government” or “sovereignty” are not to remain wholly fictive, the circumstance of US responsibility must diminish and those of the Iraqis increase. Legally at least, that time has come. At some imperceptible point on a ridge a watershed is reached; and water begins to flow another way.    —  Wretchard, The Belmont Club

Much remains to be done, most of which will have to be done by the Iraqis.  We did our part, and did it fairly well, with only half our countrymen supporting the effort, and a very small fraction of us actually engaged.  How much faster could this victory have been achieved had we not been held back by so many objectively pro-Islamofascist obstructionists? 

Iraq’s government sworn in; U.S. edges to the exit

On the Fall of Rome


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