Tet 2006 Didn’t Work, Time for My Lai Redux

I think there is some kind of law against threatening violence against members of Congress, so I will spare you my opinion of Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha.

I can’t say it better than Robin. 

Murtha is a government official who claims to know exactly what happened at Haditha, even though the investigation is ongoing.  The Marines are guilty, according to Colonel Murtha, USMCR (ret.).  The average American respects Marines.  Whose interests are served by changing that?

 The will of the American people to stay the course is the center of gravity in the Jihadi War.  Only by undermining that will can America be defeated.  The Great Iraqi Civil War wasn’t quite calamitous enough.  Time to gin up some atrocities.



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    thanks for the hard work put into this…and the info and commentary.