Cracked Bells

Vanderleun at AMERICAN DIGEST:

Out beyond the coastal media enclaves ravaged by the black plague of the spirit, normal Americans yearning to know about and hate the enemy that has killed thousands of them and plans to kill tens of thousands more still tune in in the hope of a shred of the truth, a fraction of a fact. Instead they are informed, from unnamed sources deep within the CIA, that their enemy is the President who has kept them safe for four years. They click away and don’t click back, and the soon to be made redundant reporters, newscasters and producers wonder why. After all, everything they have been spewing over the air and through the newspapers for years has been correct. Everybody they have lunch and dinner with, everyone that they cheat on their spouses with, everyone that they take “social drugs” with, everyone who has also been spewing the same stuff, says so. How can the people, the little people who don’t even have an account with a car service, be so stupid, be so wrong?

In the end, the old media is dying off because the only stories they know are “Vietnam” and “Watergate.” Everything they’ve said for nearly half a decade are just variations on those themes and we’ve become sick and tired on these old moldy tales; a sickness unto the death of the old media.

The old media can’t die soon enough to suit me.  There are many potholes for us to avoid on their road to extinction.  They ain’t dead yet.  Like a  rattlesnake, their jaws can still push venomous fangs into flesh by autonomous reflex while dying.


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