Pamphleteers and Samizdat

I’m part of that amorphous and ever-shifting mass of people who are having an extended conversation in the blog world, one whose working title might be “The Counter-Jihad” the Baron is talking about. Bloggers, and milbloggers, are becoming  significant players in the battle over men’s minds.  There are a lot of struggles going on within Western Christendom, which is a term I use for the opposite of ummah.  The ideological struggle that some thought was finally resolved when the Soviet Union fell is reborn in the debate over whether there really is a war going on, and if there is, whether the West is worth defending.  The enemy has already convinced huge numbers of Europeans and some Americans that dhimmitude won’t be so bad.  This is a great psychological warfare victory for them that must be recognized and countered.  Who can counter enemy psychological operations targeted at domestic audiences?  The Department of Defense can’t.  The Department of State won’t.  The Department of Homeland Security?  Yeah, right.  When a job needs to get done and the government isn’t doing it, who steps up?  Who is left?



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  1. Welcome to the conversation!

    Yes, the West is worth defending. The question whether there are enough of us who want to defend it. An old guy like me can’t do much more than rant. Those kids over in Iraq & Afghanistan are doing a great job, but they’re being undermined by the enemy right here at home.

    I honestly don’t know how it will turn out.

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