Has al Qaeda been defeated in Iraq?

Hutch seems to think so. Zarkman and his crew are still wasting oxygen. The jihadis calling themselves Al Qaeda in Iraq are in a world of hurt right now, for sure. There are other jihadis, some loosely affiliated with the al Qaeda franchise and others who have been around longer. Few Americans differentiate between AQII and all the other bad guys, like Iranian special forces, Syrian special forces, former regime elements, Shiite militias, Sunni tribal gunmen and plain old regular mobsters.  I want Zarkman’s head. On a pike. In front of the flag pole at MNF-I headquarters.

Anyway, hutch says:

In 2006, bloggers are now an acknowledged player on the media battlefield. These efforts were dismissed by al Qaeda, and as a result, while al Qaeda hit its target, the effect was grossly minimized due to the fact that the “silent majority” now had tools by which they could be heard. The media created a false picture after the 1968 Tet Offensive, but was unable to do the same in Iraq.

I like that. A sergeant from CENTCOM sent me an email the other day wanting me to blog Zarkman’s video. Now to me, that is offical recognition that I, little old me, who just started this blog and barely knows what he is doing, is a player on the media battlefield.  The good guys  need more players on the media battlefield.  And on the media battlefield, you can be old and fat and used up but still useful.  If you can write, write.  If you can comment, comment.  And if all you can do is lurk, lurk on hostile media sites and acquire targets for blog storming.  A lot of people can get involved in the Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group, or the Civilian Information Militia, or the Cyber Minutemen, or the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, or whatever we end up calling ourselves.  What are you waiting for?



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2 responses to “Has al Qaeda been defeated in Iraq?

  1. Onward!



  2. It is amazing. I think I got five e-mails from folks trying to claim that somehow, al-Qaeda is winning.

    Let’s look over the facts:

    * Two regimes that sponsored them (the Taliban and Saddam Hussein) are now out of buiness permanently.

    * Hundreds, if not thousands, of recruits have been killed in battle with American and allied forces (to include Iraqi and Afghan forces).

    * Failed to disrupt no fewer than five elections (three in Iraq, two in Afghanistan) that have resulted in the establishment of two democracies.

    * With the exception of the 2004 attacks in Spain which resulted in the election of a government that pulled troops from Iraq, none of their operations have managed to achieve any sort of political gain for al-Qaeda.

    * Had most of its senior leadership captured or killed.

    There’s a chance this might be considered success on al-Qaeda’s part. There is a chance Jennifer Love Hewitt will go out with me. Which do you think is more likely?