CIA mines ‘rich’ content from blogs

The new Open Source Center (OSC) at CIA headquarters recently stepped up data collection and analysis based on bloggers worldwide and is developing new methods to gauge the reliability of the content, said OSC Director Douglas J. Naquin.      “A lot of blogs now have become very big on the Internet, and we’re getting a lot of rich information on blogs that are telling us a lot about social perspectives and everything from what the general feeling is to … people putting information on there that doesn’t exist anywhere else,”

DoD needs an element that monitors the blogosphere, getting good ideas from friendly bloggers, early warning from hostile bloggers, assessment of  communications effectiveness, early identification of potential PR flaps, and establishing relationships with pro-military bloggers.  The center of gravity in the Jihad is the will of the American people.  Psychological Operations are being conducted which are undermining that will.  The MSM is hostile.  Much of the blogosphere is not hostile.  The blogosphere is a virtual battlespace for the will of the American people.  Pro-military bloggers could be organized to function as auxiliaries, legally permitted to target domestic audiences in ways prohibited to active duty bloggers. 


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