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Tehran Times Opinion Column, April 8, By Hamid Golpira

TEHRAN, Apr. 8 (MNA) — It has long been said that knowledge is power, but now, in the Information Age, information is power, and the side that best projects information is the victor.

Information projection is a new concept modeled on the military concept projection of power. Information projection basically means the ability to disseminate information.  

The battle of ideas currently underway in the world has been called information war, and Islam is under siege in this info war.  

Thus, the Islamic world must step up its information projection in order to win the info war. Muslims must do info jihad. 

The enemies of Islam control vast media resources such as television networks, news agencies, newspapers, radio stations, Internet sites, magazines, music companies, film studios, and publishing houses. They conduct psychological operations with their media to depict a negative image of Islam and to undermine the Islamic movement.  

We Muslims must build up and refine the Islamic world’s media in order to counter these psyops. We should establish professional satellite television networks, newspapers, Internet sites, and other news outlets. We should also concentrate on educational entertainment such as films and music.  

Look at how the Zionists dominate the media. They have propagated their message, to the detriment of the Palestinians and the Islamic cause in general, and introduced terms like “Islamic terrorism”.  

We must get the message out that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. A Muslim can never be a terrorist because terrorism is haram, which means forbidden in Islam.    

A better expression to describe some of the phenomena currently occurring in the world would be pseudo-Islamic terrorism.* 

Muslims must not sit idly by while the enemies wage all-out info war against us. We must respond appropriately to the cultural onslaught.  

In this Islamic response, we must maintain our cultural and religious traditions, but, at the same time, we must realize that we live in the Information Age. It is also essential that we acquire a comprehensive understanding of the electronic media by studying mass communications theorists like Marshall McLuhan.  

However, the concept of dialogue among civilizations must not be forgotten. We should engage in dialogue with those who want to have dialogue with Muslims but should wage info jihad against those who have launched an info war cultural invasion of the Islamic world.   

Now we have info war, disinformation campaigns, psyops, counter-psyops, mind war, psywar, info warriors, truth and information guerillas, and info jihad. Look what’s happened to the language. Look what’s happened to the world. 

We Muslim info jihadis must take all this into consideration if we want to be successful.  

Why does Islam mostly have a negative image outside of the Islamic world? The answer is obvious — because the enemies of Islam are using expert media manipulation to influence world public opinion. They are conducting a very sophisticated info war against us.  

The current U.S. goal of full spectrum dominance envisions control of the media through information operations.  

For example, in one of their info ops, U.S agents paid journalists to write articles that cast the occupation of Iraq in a favorable light which were then published in Iraqi newspapers. 

Most Western media outlets seek to give the impression that the Islamic world is intolerant, but they rarely, if ever, talk to religious minorities living in Muslim countries.  

In Iran, Muslims peacefully coexist with Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews, and all three religious minority communities have MPs in the Iranian parliament, but this is usually not reported by Western news outlets. 

Islam and the Islamist movement are both demonized in the Western media. The West’s media spinmeisters are attempting to create enmity toward political Islam by making it appear that the model of the Taleban of Afghanistan is the Islamist ideal, despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Hezbollah of Lebanon, and most other Islamist groups have very different interpretations of Islam.   

Muslims lament the fact that the Zionists and other enemies of Islam dominate the world media, but most do nothing in response. Some Muslims even believe that nothing can be done about the situation because they think the enemies have total control of the media.  

This is a defeatist attitude. This type of haram thinking must be rejected. Otherwise, we will lose the info war before entering the battlefield.  

“Therefore a victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory,” Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War 2500 years ago.  

Thus, we info jihadis must formulate a correct strategy so that we can win this info war before entering the battlefield.  

Muslims will surely succeed if we make serious efforts to counter the Islamophobia of the Western media. The Holy Quran says that the truth always triumphs over the lie.   

Indeed, most of the non-Muslims who currently hate Islam would probably have a change of heart if they had access to the real facts.  

Info jihad can even be used in dawa, which is the Arabic word that describes the efforts to invite non-Muslims to Islam.  

In light of all this, info jihadis should work hard to get the message out. 

“Certainly ‘Islamic terrorism’ is something we will not use … we talk about ‘terrorists who abusively invoke Islam’,” an EU official told Reuters.

What would an info jihadi for the other side be called?

I liked info warrior, but now that INFOWAR is  IO, info operator just doesn’t sound right.  How ’bout an info crusader?  Now that sings.


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