A War On Jihadism — Not ‘Terror’

Jihadism is not a tactic, like terrorism, or a temperament, like radicalism or extremism. It is not a political pathology like Stalinism, a mental pathology like paranoia, or a social pathology like poverty. Rather, it is a religious ideology, and the religion it is associated with is Islam.

After four and a half years, the enemy is identified with some precision.  This may not slake the blood lust of the Nuke Mecca crowd, but does cut down considerably on the number of Muslims that need killing.  Ideologies can be beaten.  Ideologues can be  laughed into obscurity.

“Victory will come when the enemy’s extremist ideologies are discredited in the eyes of their host populations and their tacit supporters, becoming unfashionable, and following other discredited creeds, such as Communism and Nazism, into oblivion.” — bottom of page 21 (Hard copy) or 33 of 113 (.pdf)

Or, in other words, there will be peace when the surviving Muslims repudiate jihad and dhimmitude.

The war against terror will end in one of two ways:

1) An overwhelming majority of Muslims reject Jihadi violence and determine that they are ready, willing, and able to join the modern world. At the moment, they have very little incentive for doing so.

2) An overwhelming majority of Muslims realize that the cost of supporting Jihad, even if it is passive support, comes at such a high price in lives lost and destroyed, that they are effectively ready to sue for peace with the West. (If the example of the Palestinians is any indicator, they are willing to absorb an extremely high price in order to avoid the shame of losing, so this option is not one to be encouraged.)Shrinkwrapped


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