One of the unacknowledged powers of the blogosphere

One of the unacknowledged powers of the blogosphere is [to] organize people around threads — or memes if you will — and that sometimes results in further action.
Thus spake Wretchard, Richard Fernandez, of Belmont Club fame, at 8:57 AM, Wednesday, April 12, 2006

meme — A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

OK, the idea to be transmitted to anybody who reads this blog is this:

The United States is at war with Islamic jihadis;

individuals, groups and organizations, among which are the English-language Main Stream Media, oppose the war and the efforts of the Commander-in-Chief to prosecute the war;

the MSM, the Democratic Party, the anti-war movement, and the jihadis all share as a common aim the undermining of America’s will to resist; 

a successful media effort aimed at domestic target audiences is indeed undermining America’s will to resist;

the DoD cannot effectively counter this hostile media effort;

the blogosphere can effectively counter this hostile media effort.

The first two points are self-evident.  If you disagree, thanks for stopping by.  You’re on the wrong blog.  The third point will not be acceptable to the MSM, Democrats and peaceniks.  Debate is welcome, but good luck with that.  The fourth point is rejected by those who believe pessimism and defeatism are the rational points of view given the circumstances.  Debate is welcome on that.  Who knows, my mind could be changed.  The fifth point is very debatable and I would love to be proven wrong.  The sixth point is also very debatable and may even be wrong.  We shall see.


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